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"2" anti-corruption storm "Jocie Guo" in the story – bright entertainment Sohu in the layout, the first second with some fight. The first part is related to the people of Hongkong 15 billion yuan of huge amounts of money, second design race gambling also is a completely astronomical. Two years time to forget a lot, so I forgot I had a comment, forget who was the first director, look at the time just think "Oh, with the first pace so similar! It is even starting time as like as two peas, climax are almost the same." I thought the first best is the last 30 minutes, so second, before long fine bedding gives us a soporific procrastination and lingering. Chen Jing in the bar to Julian Cheung that a large section of accusations and charges, inexplicably embarrassed me. The first one, Louis Koo lost in the absence of a good opponent, almost alone a global support, and although Ka Tung Lam opponents play fair, but what is not a spark. The second film, the director got Julian Cheung and Zhou Yumin with him to take the show, slightly better than the upper, but still have less momentum, with "overheard 2" feeling, but far less "hacking 2" he told Sean Lau that when the relative edge sparks. "1 and 2" anti-corruption storm is not clear what the story is on the hue, 2 upper than a lot of cool. The upper part is always a dull feeling of cold, 2 add some active color to adjust. Louis Koo played in the upper part is a good leader, not only by the first charge, and considerate colleagues remember taste and hobbies. This one, he is still a good leader for the deployment of convincing, but "what nature of work should be confidential", so he is very lonely. Even if he is my favorite actor, I can’t say how wonderful he is this time. The film is more to show his ability to work, while also used some tricks to show he is not so serious cold, some sort of "bad taste", the character of the amplitude or some deep enough. The "anti-corruption" series, his role should be typed. Julian Cheung nearly ten years, almost did not get a shot of the film, "Lu Xiaofeng" series, although more famous, but it is a single set of extended version of the TV series, there is no rhythm and rhythm of the film. As for the "Uncle", "I love you", "Fox" is not chongshangyunxiao, movie series. In the "2" anti-corruption storm, watercress netizens commented if Julian Cheung in the interpretation of a person is not acting like". This is his role play space, rather than the role of Louis Koo prose, and depth are arc digging head. You make mistakes of the past, the appearance of the work as well as lazy sister take care of work behind, not to mention the An important juncture of life and death a drama, but so much drama, in his performance under what gave no climax, only ShuaWuLai is kind of cute. It’s undeniable that Zhou Yumin’s killer is handsome, but the character is a symbol of the story in the film. Some like Daniel Wu in overheard 2.相关的主题文章: