30 thousand online shopping IELTS answer seller is a ” after 95 ” College Students clonecd

The 30 thousand answer is an IELTS online shopping sellers " 95 " college students according to the rule of law in Shanghai reported that in order to ensure the IELTS test, students spent more than 30 thousand yuan to buy the so-called "IELTS exam questions and answers, but examination suddenly find themselves deceived. The man who claimed to be inside the seller is actually an ordinary 95 after college students. Reporters learned yesterday from the Jiading District Procuratorate, the hospital for fraud prosecution against Wang Chun, eventually, Wang Chun was Jiading District court sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for 3 months, suspended for 1 years and 3 months, and fined 4000 yuan. Ho throw tens of thousands of fake paper answers for Arjun is a college student, last year, thought consider IELTS. But for Arjun, want to pass the IELTS exam is difficult. As she was upset by the recommendation of a friend of a man named Wang Chun said to her, this person can, can get the IELTS exam. Because it is the recommendation of a friend, Arjun think it a try, and then added to the other side of the WeChat. After the addition of a friend, the two men on the WeChat chat up. Wang Chuncheng questions from reliable sources, that she once passed, but the price is not cheap, about 35000 yuan. The price of money let Arjun flinch, but Wang Chun has repeatedly stressed: "I have the IELTS test is absolutely true and reliable, I know people inside, Don’t worry., package!" Wang Chunxin pledged to ensure that Arjun thoroughly convinced of the authenticity of this exam, she finally decided to buy this exam. Arjun and several classmates together 35000 yuan. Two days before the exam, A Qiong will be two times the money remitted to Wang Chun, then Wang Chun, a copy of the IELTS exam questions and answers "to A Qiong’s mailbox. Received the "questions and answers". And students could not wait to open the browser, however, soon we found the so-called internal exam mistakes, not even complete, which makes everyone could not help but question the authenticity of this exam. The attendant doubts in the exam has also been confirmed: the examination questions and they get questions not completely! At this time, when Arjun want to contact Wang Chun, the other was found her "friend WeChat" delete. Sporadic thoughts accidentally caught "big fish" was found to be deceived, Arjun and students more than angry, decided to seize the king of spring, and to return the money. Arjun let another student Aqijia of WeChat Wang Chun, lied to buy test material, but to face to face transactions. Although Wang Chun feel strange, but still be able to keep the appointment. In October 11th, the two sides met at the agreed place, the other is Archie Wang Chun himself, and went with classmates stopped him, don’t let it go, and call 110, the police arrived after the people back to the police station. After appearing in court, Wang Chun confessed to his crime. According to Wang Chun account, he started selling fake IELTS exam money is also the idea of sporadic. He was born in 1995, is just a 20 year old college student, he is also concerned about the IELTS exam, often search the internet. A chance, he was in the bar to see someone in the IELTS test.相关的主题文章: