32 housing prices more than 50% three quarterly pre hi performance throughout the year stable period winavi

32 housing prices more than 50% three quarterly pre hi performance throughout the year can be stable period sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you – my newspaper intern reporter Chai Zheng Paul million gold were not released before the three quarter results you, small and medium housing data show that in the three quarter of the overall real estate company performance improvement. According to Wind information statistics, as of September 13th, the 32 companies have announced three quarterly results notice of listed companies, 18 forecast net profit increase, pre hi companies accounted for 5. 18 pre hi companies, the loss of the company accounted for 10. Insiders said that the performance of small and medium housing prices rebounded thanks in part to the industry is warmer, also part of the performance of the company from the early transition "bonus". A number of companies pre increase sharply from the current forecast net profit the biggest change in the magnitude of the rankings, Hualian holdings notice before the three quarter increased by more than one hundred times; new enlightenment and Nanshan holding notice before the three quarter increased by more than ten times; A, shirongzhaoye, Hong Kong shares, the number of entertainment, Guangyu group, Tianrun Hefei urban construction, the Southern home and Newcastle holding eight companies notice the results of the first three quarters of the maximum increase of more than 100%. However, the growth performance of Hualian holdings does not come from the main business. The company expects the first three quarters of net profit of about $450 million -55000 million, an increase of 22158.82%-27060.78%. The company said it plans to sell some of China’s the Great Wall shares during the reporting period, the expected return on investment will be a substantial increase over the same period last year. The company’s real estate projects in the reporting period belongs to the pre-sale, the income has not yet reached the conditions. In April of this year before the completion of the new transformation to enter the real estate field before the three quarter net profit is expected to about 420 million yuan -62000 yuan, an increase of 3688.946%-5397.968%. During the reporting period, the company’s real estate business planning steadily, but affected by many factors, not according to plan project opened sales, real estate development, operating income and operating profit than the same period last year decreased greatly. The company’s current profit constitute the real estate, the main listed companies for raw 4-6 months and Xiamen million Xinguang building materials City 1-6 month operating results. Nanshan holdings in the first half of the real estate business steadily. The company said the real estate projects are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, although the end of March the purchase of the policy overweight, prices pulled back slightly, but as "the most expensive land effects appear, the market is expected to once again, the first half of the turnover remained high, the company expects the first three quarters of net profit of about 400 million yuan -52000 yuan, an increase of 1049.3801%-1334.1941%. Due to the high return project has not yet entered the stage of earnings, COFCO Property is expected to decline in the three quarter. The main reason for the performance fell, COFCO Property company said, residential projects in higher margin products of earnings mainly concentrated in the fourth quarter, the decline in performance due to product gross margin decreased, residential projects carried forward sales income and financial assets available for sale sale proceeds down. Wing Fung Holdings相关的主题文章: