3M China catalytic converter durability laboratory officially completed invictus gaming

3M Chinese catalytic converter durability test room was officially completed in November 2nd [2016, Shanghai – as the inventor of the ceramic liner, diversified enterprise technology innovation 3M announced yesterday that the catalytic converter built in durability test room of Shanghai Xinqiao in factory officially completed and start making 3M become the first investment in the test room in the China ceramic liner manufacturers. At the same time, this is also the sixth global investment in 3M catalytic converter durability test room, and will enhance the ability of 3M China to test and verify the performance of the product, so as to better help customers achieve product upgrades. 3M Michael, executive vice president of industrial products division, Mr. Roman and 3M Greater China president and CEO of 3M China Stephen Mr. Shafer attended the launching ceremony and opened for the laboratory. In addition, 3M also in the day held a 2016 engine exhaust treatment system of vibration test in workshop, with the industry Tongren in-depth exchanges and sharing of experiences, but also fully demonstrated the advanced technical level of 3M in this field. Three way catalytic converter is an important device for purifying exhaust gas in automobile exhaust system. The 3M ceramic gasket products are widely used in the catalytic converter ceramic carrier fixation and thermal insulation protection, to ensure the safe operation of the exhaust system. The 3M in China to invest in the establishment of catalytic converter durability test room, will be mainly used in the development and application of ceramic gaskets in the development and testing of the durability of the test and verification. This not only allows 3M to construct a set of components including base material performance, application performance and catalytic materials, a comprehensive evaluation system in our country, but also will for car manufacturers and parts manufacturers to further improve the exhaust system to provide more data and technical support. In addition, 3M can also be combined with the characteristics and performance of different manufacturers, more targeted to customize new products and solutions to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent. 3M industrial products division, global executive vice president Mr. Roman Michael said: "3M has always been adhering to the" customer first "service philosophy, has always been committed to innovative technology and high-quality products for customers to bring more convenience and help improve their efficiency and achieve the final goal. At the same time, we continue to invest in the Chinese market, but also fully confirms the commitment to the localization of 3M R & D and production of corporate commitment has not changed. 3M Roman, executive vice president of global Michael, executive vice president of the industrial products division, at the launch ceremony of the 3M catalytic converter durability test chamber, said: "the Chinese market plays a very important role in the development of 3M global strategy." 3M Greater China president and chief executive officer of 3M China Stephen Mr. Shafer added: 3M focus on the localization of development, and hope that through their own innovation advantage to help and promote the upgrading of China’s scientific and technological level. In the future, we will further expand investment in China for the development of products, technology and equipment investment." 3M China catalytic converter durability laboratory since May 2015 to start, which lasted more than a year, 1.相关的主题文章: