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Can’t you at least can put Ta on the screen – Sohu technology morning take a mobile phone to look like today is not too friendly for bachelors day, for the development of Ta exclusive app after all, whether it is the circle of friends of the marriage certificate, or rose, this is two people can play. Game. If you are a person, the eight achievements can only be seen on the side silently. As lovers cheered, social networks were mixed with slogans calling for singles, but I didn’t intend to respond to the call. Next to introduce the Homescreen Homie products, it can let you take any picture to generate a icon icon on your iPhone screen, which is naturally more suitable for two people to play the game. Open the Homescreen Homie website, you only need to click the "Upload Homie Photo" the red button, then select a picture from the iPhone album, then add a name you want and click on the bottom of the screen "Homie Me!", you have completed the main steps of the game. By this time, your personalized application icon has been created, and the next thing to do is to put it on the home screen. In Safari, you only need to click on the screen below the share button, then select Add to the main screen you can put this personalized icon into their own iPhone. I made a icon to see such a custom icon on the screen of the iPhone, you may want to know after the open will see what — actually see or you upload the picture and custom. For those who have used Safari saved shortcuts to users, you should have seen it. The process of creating this product is actually a process of creating a Safari shortcut. But in today’s day, when they meet out to play Ta very occasional.

没能为 Ta 开发个专属 app 你至少可以把 Ta 放到屏幕上-搜狐科技   早晨起来拿起手机一看就觉得今天是个对单身汉不太友好的日子,毕竟,无论是朋友圈里的结婚证,还是玫瑰花,这可都是两个人才能玩嗨的游戏。如果是一个人,那八成就只能在一边默默地看看了。   当有情人在欢呼时,社交网络上也随即混杂了很多号召关爱单身汉的标语,不过我并不打算响应号召。接下来要介绍的这款名为 Homescreen Homie的产品,它能让你把任意一张图片生成一个 icon 图标放到自己的 iPhone 屏幕上,这自然也是个比较适合两人玩的小游戏。      打开 Homescreen Homie 的网站,你只需要点击“Upload Homie Photo”这个红色按钮,接着从 iPhone 的相册中选择一张图片上传,然后再添一个自己想要的名称并点击屏幕下方的“Homie Me!”,你就已经完成了这个游戏的主要步骤。      截止到这一步,你的个性化应用图标已经生成完毕,接下来要做的就是把它放到主屏幕上。在 Safari 中,你只需要点击屏幕下方的分享按钮,接着再选择“添加到主屏幕”就可以把这个个性化的图标放到自己的 iPhone 上了。      我制作的一个 icon   看到这样一个自定义图标在 iPhone 的屏幕上,你或许想知道点开之后会看到什么――其实看到的还是你上传的那张图片和自定义的名称。对于那些曾经用 Safari 保存过快捷方式的用户来说,你应该已经看出来了,创造这款产品的过程其实就是一个创建 Safari 快捷方式的过程。不过放在今天这个日子里,见面时拿出来给 Ta 玩玩也挺应景。相关的主题文章: