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His brothers, do not rely on the yen value dinner – Zhejiang channel — people.com.cn original title: his brothers, do not rely on the value of the Shanghai masters ATP Yan eat in full swing, in Thursday’s 18 men’s singles final, Canada nova, tournament No. 5 seed Rao Niki 1 to 2 by the U.S. Department of cable players reversed, No. 2 seed Murray beat No. 13 seed, 2 to 0 French player Lucas. The world’s first Djokovic two to 6 to 4 victory over the Canadian qualifier Bos P Si, the next round will play against Germany’s Mischa Zverev?. It is worth mentioning that Alexander and his brother Mischa Zverev?? is one of the three brothers of Zverev this competition brings together. The British Andy Murray and Jamie Murray brothers are men’s single doubles 2 and No. 1 seeds, while the Blaine brothers in the United States are doubles 2 seed, they are Shanghai masters won the championship. Zvi Lev was 10 years old, 29 year old brother Misha when it comes to play in, and 19 year old brother Alexander is the men’s tennis popular little meat". "Small meat" from the tennis family today (October 13th) afternoon, Shanghai masters men’s singles 18 finals opened, Zvi Lev brothers at the same time, respectively, the impact of the 8 strong, such a situation in the masters of such a top competition is rare. The 19 year old brother 7 to Alexandria? Zverev than 6 (4), 2 6 and 5 7 ratio than lost to seeded 9, France’s 29 year old brother Tsonga, with 6 7 Mischa Zverev? (4), 6 4 and 6 1 than the reversal of Spain’s Glen Knowles, success 8 strong advance. Although Alexander failed to qualify for the top 8, but even grams of the United States "cannon" Ess Neil, race No. 8 seed, the performance is amazing. Zvi Lev brothers absolutely called rich handsome, his brother height 1.91 meters, brother height 1.98 meters. Brother Misha is now ranked 110 in the world, brother Alexander world rankings have soared to the top 20. It is worth mentioning that the brothers’ father Zvi Lev is a former Soviet tennis player, who played in the Davis Cup, the brothers can be said from the tennis family. Is regarded as the future of the men’s "big brother" Misha at the age of 2 with her father at the age of 17 to study the ball, the US rounded out the junior singles top 4 ranked highest in the world, young people reach third. After becoming a professional player, Misha mediocre performance, although the world rankings in 2009 rose to the highest 45, but has never been able to break the second round of Grand Slam events. In addition to his younger brother Alexander handsome, have good skills, won the Australian Open Junior Championships, topped the youth ranks first in the world, to keep the rocket after occupation upward momentum in St Petersburg last month to open against Wawrinka, obtained occupation career first tour trophy. "He’s tall. He’s a great serve. He has one or two points, and he has a strong baseline and a comprehensive technique." Nadal was full of praise for the younger generation. The outside world even predicted that Alexander could grow into the world’s first place in the future. "I know the expectations of the outside world are very high, but I still do my job step by step," Alexander said"

网坛兄弟连,不靠颜值吃饭–浙江频道–人民网 原标题:网坛兄弟连,不靠颜值吃饭 ATP上海大师赛激战正酣,在周四进行的男单1 8决赛中,加拿大新星、赛会5号种子拉奥尼奇以1比2遭美国选手索科逆转,2号种子穆雷以2比0击败13号种子、法国选手卢卡斯。世界第一德约科维奇以两个6比4战胜加拿大资格赛选手波斯皮西,下一轮将对阵德国选手米沙?兹维列夫。值得一提的是,米沙?兹维列夫和他的弟弟亚历山大?兹维列夫是本届大赛汇集的三对兄弟之一。英国的安迪?穆雷和杰米?穆雷兄弟分别是男子单双打的2号和1号种子,美国的布莱恩兄弟则是双打2号种子,他们都是上海大师赛的夺冠大热门。兹维列夫兄弟相差10岁,29岁的哥哥米沙正值当打之年,而19岁的弟弟亚历山大则是当今男子网坛当红的“小鲜肉”。 “小鲜肉”来自网球世家 今天(10月13日)下午,上海大师赛男单1 8决赛开打,兹维列夫兄弟同时亮相赛场,各自冲击8强,这样的情况在大师赛这样的顶级大赛中并不多见。 结果,19岁的弟弟亚历山大?兹维列夫以7比6(4)、2比6和5比7惜败于9号种子、法国名将特松加,29岁的哥哥米沙?兹维列夫以6比7(4)、6比4和6比1逆转西班牙选手格兰诺勒斯,成功挺进8强。亚历山大虽然未能晋级8强,不过连克美国“大炮”伊斯内尔、赛会8号种子西里奇,表现堪称惊艳。 兹维列夫兄弟绝对称得上高富帅,哥哥身高1.91米,弟弟身高1.98米。哥哥米沙现在世界排名110位,弟弟亚历山大世界排名则已经飙升至前20。值得一提的是,这对兄弟的父亲兹维列夫是前苏联网球名将,曾代表国家队参加过戴维斯杯,兄弟俩可以说来自网球世家。 被视为未来的男网“一哥” 米沙2岁跟随爸爸学球,17岁杀进美网青少年组男单4强,青少年世界排名最高达到第3位。转为职业球员后,米沙表现平平,虽然世界排名曾在2009年升至最高的45位,但始终未能在大满贯赛事上突破第二轮。 弟弟亚历山大除了帅气,还有不俗的球技,拿过澳网青少年组冠军,荣登青少年世界排名第一,转职业后保持了火箭般的上升势头,上月末在圣彼得堡公开赛战胜瓦林卡,获得职业生涯首座巡回赛冠军奖杯。 “他的个子很高,发球很棒,一二发得分能力都很强,底线很稳,技术全面。”纳达尔对这位晚辈赞不绝口。外界甚至预测亚历山大有望成长为未来的世界第一。 “我知道外界对我的期待很高,但我还是一步一个脚印做好自己,”亚历山大说,“我在经验上肯定逊于那些前辈,所以我专注于自己的每一场比赛就好。”相关的主题文章: