Japanese Liberal Democratic Party nominated female singers to participate in the Senate election (Ch 姉summer

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party nominated singer in the Senate election (Figure) original title: Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party nomination of female group members to participate in the Senate election picture: Women’s singing group "SPEED" members of Eriko Imai. In February 10, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party announced on 9, officially nominated female singing group "SPEED" members of the Eriko Imai (32 years old) for the summer Senate election candidates proportion. Imai is reported to be a single mother and the eldest son (11 years old) who independently raises hearing impairment. The LDP wants to push her into a hot candidate. Imai held a press conference in the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters, while using sign language to say: "if you want to build a barrier with children have more bright hope society", said the intention to improve the social welfare. Imai was born in Okinawa County, and was released as SPEED member in 1996 CD "Body& Soul". In addition, the "White Love" and other hot songs are also introduced. About the Futenma air station (located in Okinawa Ginowan) moved to Nago Henoko problem, Imai said "you want to reduce the burden of. "Listen to the voice of Okinawa, try to solve the problem", and show that the singer will continue to work after the election. Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei said at a press conference: "if there is influence on young people who are willing to assist the Liberal Democratic Party, will promote the realization of the one hundred million total active society." Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

日本自民党提名女歌手参加参院选举(图)   原标题:日本自民党正式提名女子组合成员参加参院选举 资料图片:女子歌唱组合“SPEED”成员今井绘理子。   中新网2月10日电 据日本媒体报道,日本自民党9日宣布,正式提名女子歌唱组合“SPEED”成员今井绘理子(32岁)为夏季参院选举比例代表候选人。   据报道,今井是单身母亲,独自抚养患有听力障碍的长子(11岁)。自民党想将她推为热门候选人。   今井在自民党总部召开记者会,边用手语边说:“想要构建一个使患有障碍的孩子们怀有更多光明希望的社会”,表示有意完善社会福祉。   今井出生于冲绳县,作为SPEED成员在1996年发行CD《Body&Soul》出道。此外,还推出了《White Love》等热门歌曲。   关于美军普天间机场(位于冲绳县宜野湾市)搬迁至名护市边野古的问题,今井仅表示“大家都希望减轻负担。想要倾听冲绳的声音,努力解决问题”,并表示当选后仍将继续歌手工作。   官房长官菅义伟在记者会上称:“如果对年轻人有影响力的人愿意协助自民党,就会促进实现一亿总活跃社会。” 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: