College sports games play new tricks, college students constitute the body key 乃々果花

College sports games play new tricks, college students constitute the body keys, games will play a new pattern. Yangtze River Daily reporter was informed yesterday that more than a thousand students from Wuhan Media College were using COS (playing) a huge "body key" at the opening ceremony of the games this year". 1050 students form a huge "body keyboard", Wang Wanxin accompanied by the piano sound, "white key" and "black key" ups and downs, students use the body "sing" beautiful notes. A careful look at the "black keys" dressed in black, wearing a black hat, "white keys" dressed in white, wearing a white hat, 1050 students in order to squat and stand up, with the body "play" with music. The person in charge of the opening show, broadcasting and hosting art college students of grade 2014 concentrated Hoey said: "this movement will be the theme of" music and sports ". In line with this theme, and at the same time a certain ornamental, "COS piano keys" this idea is that I and the team for a long time to determine, and the late rehearsal also took half a month. I am very happy to see the effect of today and hear the praise of my classmates. All the hard work is worth it." The huge "human" keys "to play" after the end of music, spread out quickly, according to the dance cheerleading drums. Strong Hoey said: "I have seen many students lack of exercise, often sick, so I hope to maintain the vitality through this dynamic opening show enthusiasm, inspire people to exercise, a good university life every day."

高校运动会玩出新花样 大学生组成人体琴键运动会玩出新花样。长江日报记者昨日获悉,武汉传媒学院千余名学生在今年运动会开幕式现场用身体COS(扮演)一个巨大的“人体琴键”。1050名学生组成巨大的“人体琴键” 王万鑫 摄伴随着钢琴声响起,“白键”和“黑键”不断起伏,学生们用身体“唱出”动听的音符。仔细一看,“黑键”穿黑衣、戴黑帽,“白键”穿白衣、戴白帽,1050名学生有序地蹲下、起立,用身体“弹奏”着乐曲。这 一开场秀的负责人、播音主持艺术学院2014级学生霍依浓说:“这次运动会的主题是‘音乐与运动’。为了符合这个主题,同时具有一定的观赏性,‘COS钢 琴键’这个创意是我和团队推敲了很久才定下来的,后期的排练也耗费了半个月时间。看到今天的效果、听到同学们的赞叹声,我非常开心,一切辛苦都很值得。”巨大的“人体琴键”“弹奏”完乐曲后,迅速分散开来,根据鼓点跳起了啦啦操。霍依浓说:“我发现现在有很多同学缺乏锻炼、经常生病,所以希望通过这个有活力的开场秀激发大家运动的积极性,保持活力,过好大学生活的每一天。”相关的主题文章: