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The history of the astronomical beacon – Shandong Channel – Southern Song Dynasty kilns yuteki Tenmoku tea Tommy September 15th, Christie’s New York Asian art week launched "rhyme heaven — Lin Yu Da collection (two)" concert, the auction presents Japanese senior collectors collection China Lin Yu Da Ding porcelain, enamel and from Hebei Zhejiang Longquan, with a distinct pattern and to exquisite workmanship for the Cizhou porcelain are covered. The auction treasures show collectors effort into the unique collection, vision and outstanding connoisseur taste. Lin Yu Da in the last century began in 70s in the first 20 years of China porcelain, he collected the classic period of porcelain, until the middle of 1990s focused on the Song Dynasty porcelain collection. Since the mid 90s of last century, he began to collect works of the period. The chamber of Commerce Koyamada Fuji, compared Sakamoto Goro, together in the pot is not alone, Longquan Tang Zhai Tian and other famous Japanese Song Lin Yu Da magnetic collection, initially did not appear outstanding. Good luck, and serious attitude and obsession with porcelain, let Lin Yu Da in the collection industry began to emerge. It can be said that his collection is the brainchild of antique dealers and collectors mutual impact. It is the temporary collection of Yu Shanren is certainly based on "rhyme heaven — Lin Yu Da collection (two)". Lin Yu Da of song porcelain there are more than and 300 parts in the Christie scored three field release. Last December, Christie’s Hongkong Autumn Auction 2015 "rhyme heaven — Lin Yu Da collection (a)" concert at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center Juchui, launched a total of 36 pieces of precious porcelain auction. In fact, as early as 2012, Christie from many fine selected 50 treasures, organized the "rhyme heaven — Lin Yu Da song magnetic collection exhibition", done well prepared, preheating 3 years earlier, the "rhyme heaven — Lin Yu Da collection (a)" concert finally realize the total turnover of HK $48626250. Among them, Yuanmomingchu azure glaze export tray and Northern Song Ding Kuihua designated Hualian grain wash turnover of HK $5 million 80 thousand, the highest price auction as the audience. The same as the yuan and Ming period of azure glaze a halberd statue of turnover of HK $4 million 600 thousand. Christie’s New York this "rhyme heaven — Lin Yu Da collection (two)" special auction, Lin Yu Da – Japan China collection of Song Dynasty porcelain collection, is confirmed to cherish Chinese long Japanese porcelain. This period of history lasted more than 1200, inspired many categories of Japanese cultural life. This places display collections, are attracted and inspired by Yu Da, China ceramics is a treasure of 10 to thirteenth Century. The present 28 auction, in addition to the known kiln yuteki Tenmoku lamp, North Jun, Ding, Cizhouyao and southern Longquan, Yue, Yingqing, Jizhou, were presented including Jiapin, 2 pieces of artifacts was an important art of Japan’s national register. The highly anticipated yuteki Tenmoku lamp is it deliver the goods in the auction, to the valuation of 150-250 million dollars on the final, after a fierce battle to drop $10 million 300 thousand, plus commissions totaling $11 million 703 thousand, in)相关的主题文章: