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Northeast black land in an emergency: when can grip out of oil, do not hold water now – Beijing black continued emergency "master" not urgent investigation and Reflection — northeast black soil loss and protection (on) – Chen Guojun Guan Jiantao Cheng Zilong banyuetan reporters in black soil degradation! Some soil organic matter decreased to the critical point"! Black land full of sub health state…… Recently, banyuetan reporters found deep in Songnen Plain and Sanjiang plain interview, supporting the national grain yield of about 1/4 of the black soil region of Northeast China is facing a severe test. Although the country last year in the northeast to carry out black land protection and utilization pilot project success, but there are still many areas of soil conservation work in embarrassment — black continued in an emergency, and the main protection of black soil of local farmers and some local governments are not too hasty. When can grip "oil", now hold out Chinese Water Science Institute of Northeast Institute of geography and agricultural ecology researchers observed that the degradation of the black soil zone of Northeast China in two ways, one is from the upper slope to the slope soil, soil moving, causing the slope geological tillage decreased; another is the content of organic matter decreased soil. Heilongjiang city in Suihua province is located in the Songnen Plain in the core area, is an important commodity grain producing areas. Beilin District of Suihua City Agricultural Technology Promotion Center Director Zhang Shuchun with a reporter came to a corn planting demonstration base, he pointed to the black soil, the black soil with long cultivating, and common fertilizer, has "spent". The more viscous soil and decreased soil moisture and drought ability. Belonging to Helen of Suihua city is the major grain producing city, the local agricultural bureau Dohi Station Wang Yanbing told reporters that the local black soil organic matter content, from 5.8% 30 years ago, now reduced to 4%. Organic matter to the "critical point", "price is not good to grow crops". The Department of agriculture monitoring found the city of Helen, the city’s soil bulk density by 0.79 grams per cubic centimeter to 1.27 grams, that in clay soil; total porosity ranged from 67.9% to 52.5%, indicating that the soil compaction in. In the black soil erosion soil thinning is another problem faced with black soil in Songnen plain. Helen, deputy party secretary of the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, said Dong Shuhai, the city’s 4 million 600 thousand acres of arable land, there are black soil erosion phenomenon of up to 2 million 400 thousand acres of arable land. Although there is no data to prove how much land thinning, but the loss of black soil and quality degradation is an indisputable fact. Black Belt in Sanjiang plain faces the same problem. Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Reclamation Bureau Hongxinglong Management Promotion Center Deputy Director Jin Desheng introduction, administration of soil organic matter content showed declining trend, from 8% to 10% decades ago when reclamation, dropped to 3% in recent years to 5%. "This year, the black soil can be a grasp of a ‘oil’, and now the water is not even a grip." Part of the pilot plots to achieve effectiveness in order to speed up the protection of black land, China in 2015 launched a pilot project to protect the use of northeast black land, involving four provinces and cities in the northeast of the 17 counties. Beilin District of Suihua city is black land conservation pilot area in Heilongjiang province. Reporters came to the town of Yongan Beilin District xin.相关的主题文章: