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Russian teacher "Chinese" – Beijing News Agency in Inner Mongolia, Manchuria in November 11, the teacher’s question: "Russia Chinese feeling" China News Agency reporter Li Aiping "in a month, I will leave Chinese……" Inner Mongolia University Manchuria College Russian teacher Lyudmila said to dongqingchu, eyes can not help tears. The last thing she wants to do is to be in China for eight years. Manchuria is located in the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hulun Buir prairie northwest, adjacent to Russia and mongolia. As a port city with a hundred years of history, Manchuria, Russia, China and Mongolia combined with the three styles, known as the window of East asia". In this place full of exotic life and work, 60 year old Lyudmila said, the students and I like friends, no words. I have no sense of going abroad." At that time, just want to teach a year to return home, I did not expect a teaching is eight years." Lyudmila is proud that her students have been able to speak fluent Russian, but also to visit and exchange in various cities in russia. Tatiana, who was a Russian teacher in the college, said that he was a strict teacher and was very demanding." 34 year old Tatiana said that the ultimate goal of strict requirements is to let every student can do Russian friendship envoy". Tatiana said, I teach, she also enjoyed Chinese culture, especially the China delicacy. Let her endless emotion is "spiritual food" pleasure. She said, in Manchuria is full of Russian speaking people, feel good. Tatiana believes that the Sino Russian relationship is getting better and better, Russian and Russian people learning Chinese learning more and more Chinese, whether it is Chinese or the Russians, learn a foreign language, is to open a window to understand the world. Beata Gia Aa Natalia is four years older, "love me" to become a "Chinese". The 38 year old Russian foreign teachers fluent Chinese and even some dialect heavy Chinese shame. Turning to the mystery, Natalia said: "because I like China, so learning Chinese, that is." Natalia told reporters in Manchuria a few years of living here, the natural and living environment to bring her relaxed feeling, make her stay in Chinese adorable growth period idea, then began to learn Chinese, and raise the level of fast. For the future life, Natalia said, want to be a qualified teacher, "I enjoy my work now, because all the students respect me, and students get along very well, this is enough." They will continue to work and live in China, whether or not Natalia. Because of physical reasons, Lyudmila will have to leave her beloved job, leave china. "Eight years worthy of my heart, will give their full marks." In an interview with China News Agency reporter, Lyudmila: China is my second home. All of the students have my email address and we will keep in touch with each other." (end)相关的主题文章: