The Taiwan military emergency interrupt anti missile test, the coast guard said by approximation 步步高i606

The Taiwan military emergency interrupt anti missile test, police said that due to approximation of the original title: Taiwan’s emergency interrupt patriot anti missile test, said police approach according to Taiwan media reports, the October 5th Taiwan military issued a press release, the Taiwan military planned in the same day "-2 Patriot air defense missile intercept" Tiangong -2 "missile test. But because the mainland coast guard ship near the Taiwan Orchid Island southeast sea activities, in order to avoid the leakage of important parameters of missile", before launching the provisional decision interrupt drills. Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that according to the idea of Taiwan’s military, the "Patriot -2" missiles and Anti Ballistic Missiles perform tasks, because the general target cannot fly enough to simulate high-speed ballistic missiles, so Taiwan’s military "Tiangong -2 missile to target missile. In October 5th, near the Taitung County Based Hui fishing Tiangong -2 "missile launch position in. Taiwan for map users to Taiwan media. Recently, the Taiwan military has been conducting annual precision weapon shooting training. Taiwan’s defence ministry from October 3rd in Taitung County, the Pacific Ocean arranged a series of firing exercises. Outside the concern is the main simulation on 5 anti missile interceptor drills: from the east coast based Hui (Yin Tonghui) launched the "fishing Tiangong -2" missile as the target, and then by the Pingtung Peng nine base launched the "Patriot missile interceptor drills. Taiwan’s "defense minister" Feng Shikuan is important, the day before arriving in Taitung, ready to inspect the live fire test. The Central News Agency reported that more than 4 5 in the morning, there is success and long shore town residents gathered in the area near the base of "Tian Gong Hui harbor," missile carrier in the dock has been erected, 2 launchers rose to 45 degrees elevation, facing the Pacific Ocean, ready to fire drills. However, while the "CAS" staff ready for evacuation near to the top of the hill, a visual observation, suddenly received orders to stop the fire scene of the CAS staff did not know why the cancellation test, had to pack the vehicle to leave. It is reported that "so many look forward to see the sky bow and Patriot missile crashed into the scene" people disappointed". According to the "CAS" staff revealed that the missile launch was in May to meet the typhoon, but repeatedly delayed a few days before the launch, determine the sky bow in Hui fishing. Taiwan Defense Department spokesman Chen Zhongji said on the afternoon of 5 October 5th to stop the implementation of the "Patriot -2" and "Tiangong -2" missile shooting incident, because China, found in the vicinity of the Orchid Island coast guard ship southeast of the high seas, "Department of defense" in order to avoid the leakage of important parameters, so stop shooting task. Chen Zhongji stressed that the Taiwan military precision weapons shooting as an important performance of the established annual period, although affected by the typhoon, many are still out of difficulties, using all available training time, the full implementation of shooting training missions, and in October 5th completed, the subjects are training goals; in the future will be based on the existing continuous improvement, strengthen Taiwan in all kinds of precision missile firing capability. Taiwan Defense Minister Feng Shikuan 6, to attend the "project report the legislature’s foreign and Defense Committee, said in an interview before the missile firing, Peng相关的主题文章: