One shop in the sale of sugar accused of excessive sulfur dioxide 爱多vcd

One shop in the sale of sugar is refers to sulfur dioxide exceed the standard morning news reporter Xu Yanfei recently, the State Food and Drug Administration released on the official website of the "on the 6 batches of substandard food of the notice", which involves the city does not exceed the standard of qualified 1 batches of samples, a shop on the site of a sulfur dioxide sugar sales. It is understood that sulfur dioxide is a kind of food additives, the rational use of sulfur dioxide will not cause harm to the human body, but excessive intake may cause breathing difficulties, diarrhea and other injuries. The unqualified sugar recalled this was the State Food and Drug Administration informed the city involved a batch of substandard products, Teruiken food store in a shop (website) nominal sales Beijing Yang Lin industry and Trade Co. Ltd. kitchen Xiaoya crystal sugar over standard sulfur dioxide. The food and drug administration has asked the Niuhai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., notify the network related businesses unqualified, require businesses to recall measures taken, and investigation of the cause. At the same time, Niuhai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. has settled merchants shall perform inspection duties faithfully to the Pudong New Area Market Supervision Bureau provides that service and business license agreement, Tianjin Teruiken Trading Co., Ltd and food circulation license copy etc.. In addition, the Pudong New Area market authority has been transferred to the unqualified food clues to the location of the business settled in Tianjin market and quality supervision and management departments. Sulfur dioxide can be a small amount of intake is reported, sulfur dioxide is allowed to use at home and abroad as a food additive, mainly from the color, corrosion, bleaching and anti-oxidation. In order to ensure the safety of the use of sulfur dioxide, the Ministry of health of China in 2011 sixth announcement specified food additives sulfur dioxide quality specifications. In addition, the national standard "pre packaged food labeling rules" provides that as long as the use of sulfur dioxide in food, it must be identified on the label. Sulphur dioxide in sugar residue is mainly due to the use of sulfur as a processing aid in the process of producing sugar, sulfur dioxide for clarification and decolorization, raw sugar and other processing additives may contain sulfur is one cause of sulfur dioxide in the presence of sugar. A small amount of sulfur dioxide into the body after the final generation of sulfate, through normal detoxification after excreted by the urine, not toxic, but if excessive intake, prone to allergies, may cause dyspnea, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of brain and other tissues can also produce different degrees of damage.相关的主题文章: