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"Earned ten thousand times" eight years old Zhao Warren: the stock is the most simple things: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money market is never a lack of magical myth, how many people dream therefore plunged in the sea, but the investment giant. You really get out from the game in the Warren are scanty, with parents to provide 100 thousand yuan of funds into the market, has now become the top Chinese brother Zhao capital, is one of the best. Maybe you have never heard of the name "Zhao brother", but it is enough to make you surprised, he 80 in the stock market, which means tough style strange, because God China car overnight, to create "eight years ten thousand times" brilliant record, become numerous short-term players idol. "Eight times in ten thousand years" behind the myth of Chinese according to the Securities Journal reported, Zhao’s real name Zhao Qiang, was born in 1987, graduated from Hangzhou University of finance. 2007, Zhao Qiang since the parents of the 100 thousand funds into the market, in April 2015 turned up to 1 billion times, reaching the level of $10 thousand. Unlike other low-key suicide squad members, Zhao Qiang young, on the network is very high. After the close on April 16, 2015, Zhao Qiang to eight years in the title, in the forum to write a paragraph: "today is a day to commemorate the funds finally on a big step, thanks to the Chinese god car" (ten thousand)!" According to the China Securities Journal reported that the broker said that the relationship between hot money and the business department is very good, there will be basic financing operations. If they are required, they will make an exception to the basic brokerage higher proportion of financing. Zhao Qiang in the bear market to achieve double the benefits, then over the past six months bull market, doubled a month is not difficult, if you encounter China Railway, storm technology such a strong stock, ten days can double. Therefore, turn times 8 years, basically not bragging, but real performance. From 100 thousand to 1 billion, Zhao brother as many short-term players idolized. "I’m at the end of 08 of its own funds is 200 thousand, 09 years doubled 10 times, has been behind in a million." Zhao brother was introduced. In January 1, 2013, Zhao brother also said: "the 2012 income almost just doubled, do just passable, but more and more in the short-term way, holding period than before a lot of long last year to my greatest achievement is to learn to do dare to take the Niugu band to T. There is no need to do their own mode of operation, because the loss of many last year." Many fans also limit its painstaking research on Billboard’s movements, and summarizes the classic board trading tactics. "Super short board there is a relatively well-known rule" three there will be five ", namely after the stock plate dips into three, behind the probability to have high. Even after the board of fourth days is not a selling point, to sell fifth days is one of the best selling point. Zhao is low Jiancang, triple board fourth days after opening still do not sell, but continue to opening, then appeared in the fifth peak period, the daily limit of six without hesitation clearance." A familiar with the theory of Zhao相关的主题文章: