TCL hand in hand Di Ali Gerba launched the 11.11 pick t Festival and so you come to war – Sohu Techn 纪元1701

TCL Di Ali Gerba launched the "11.11 pick T" waiting for you to fight – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) "grab the goods return to grab the hand cramps, cold cold heart." I believe this is the "11.11" number of hand chop party tragic portrayal. Every year, 11.11 after the carnival, a variety of Tucao also emerge in an endless stream: buy found useless at all, with the model is not the same ah, cheap no good goods ah, the more than and 10 day has not shipped"…… Since a lot of groove, why not buy a good this year? 11.11 after 8 years of development, has been "low price", "low quality" label distress. Even Taobao is aware of the existence of this problem, this year, 11.11 began to focus on product quality and global quality. Visible, compared with previous years, crazy buy buy buy is different this year, began to show a return to rational and quality of the new consumer fashion. New consumption has become a hot word, the consumer has become the consensus of the market, the quality of goods, health, green, fashion, experience and other elements to get more attention from consumers. In particular, as a major consumer appliances TV products, consumer spending and consumer spending is more significant upgrade trend. According to the Chinese grid combined with the PRC issued "China high-end home appliances consumer survey report" shows that in the plan to buy high-end appliances in the crowd, 65% of consumers in the pursuit of quality of life and home appliance replacement, three factors of their priority are product quality, intelligence and technical content. On the current TV industry, TCL XESS is synonymous with high quality." Market observers said that the real high quality TV, must be both quality and taste both. It is understood that this year, TCL heavy launch XESS Yi Chong TV, positioning to meet the elite of the pursuit of excellence, currently covers X1, X2, C2 three core products, representing the highest level of the current TV technology, and successfully obtained the China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping’s portrait endorsement, caused very big the repercussions in the industry, high quality TV is one of the 30 years of the most representative for China color TV industry. To remind consumers that the TV is a kind of audio-visual equipment, sound quality is a core index to test the technical content. It is understood that in terms of quality of the key, XESS X1 uses quantum dots next generation technology display material, high 110%NTSC color gamut coverage and 1500nit peak brightness, and equipped with Local Dimming partition backlight technology and Dolby (Dolby Vision) HDR vision technology and a number of world leading technology, showing the other the TV is difficult to match colors, details and three-dimensional sense, the maximum reduction of the real scene. In the sound quality improvement, XESS X1 is equipped with the world’s top sound configuration Harman Kardon S level surface sound, bringing the ultimate hearing experience. In the field of fashion taste, XESS assembled a global design team, with a strong artistic temperament and simple sense of modern design language, from Denmark and other 6 countries, the top designers to create love?相关的主题文章: