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Beijing to maintain the fine and hot   the highest temperature maintained at 31 degrees Celsius — Environmental Protection — original title: Beijing to maintain the fine and hot temperatures maintained at around 31 degrees Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) yesterday, sunny day, the dew solar term, sunny hot, returning to the thunderstorm in the evening when hit, great in strength and impetus. The next three days, the capital is still hot, the most high temperature maintained at around 31 degrees Celsius, go out to sunscreen replenishment. Yesterday during the day, the capital of the fine and hot no atmosphere with the dew solar term, Yanqing station maximum temperature rise to 29.7 degrees Celsius, the higher the temperature, body feeling hot. Afternoon, Huairou, Yanqing, Miyun, Fangshan and other parts of thunderstorms. In the evening, the strong convection weather strikes, the city meteorological station issued a lightning yellow warning at 17:45, 18:25 blue gale warning issued, 18:45 issued a blue rainstorm warning; drainage group launched the three flood response. 19, display gauge monitoring and drainage group, the exhibition hall under 42.5 mm of rain. Yesterday, from 13 to 19, the city’s average rainfall of 4.5 mm, the city average of 7.4 mm. The southwest and northwest regions are larger. Fangshan saint mountain under 40.1 mm of rain, the city’s largest rainfall. The next three days, the weather sunny to cloudy, the temperature is 31 degrees Celsius, higher temperature, noon strong ultraviolet radiation. Although it is the dew solar term still have to pay attention to moisturizing sunscreen, travel. Weather experts reminded the public that the dew solar term is a typical autumn climate, cold air southward and the northern hemisphere becomes more and more frequent, shorter duration of sunshine, sunshine intensity, temperature drop speed, the so-called "Bai Luqiu cool night split night night". Easy to mess dress summer transition, weather experts remind friends, "why is the autumn freeze, autumn and winter when the weather turns cold, people to prevent cold closed pores, if premature to wear thick clothes, because the pores will be heated and open, sudden cooling brings cold easily through the pores. Ancient thin clothes from the cold ", that is not too fast fall Tim clothes, should be reasonable, timely and healthy" cold autumn". (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: