Bruce · Springsteen talks about the presidential election saying that Mr Trump will not win (vi ssport

Bruce · Springsteen said Trump will not win the presidential election [Abstract] "when his identity is a billionaire in New York, he is likely to be very interesting and funny, but as a presidential candidate, he is boring." Bruce · Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen) Bruce Springsteen You Never Can Tell "Tencent" entertainment news "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on October 8th (author: Michele Amabile Angermiller, Billboard) famous American rock singer Bruce · Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen) to accept the "New York guest" editor David · at New York City Hall; Remnick (David Remnick in an interview, he also) to the Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump (Donald Trump) made a bold prediction. "He won’t win." The 67 year old rock singer said. Bruce · Springsteen on Friday (October 7th) appeared in "New York Festival", which has just launched the highest selling autobiography "Born to Run", in September this year, he began to sing the autobiography journey from home to New Jersey, the event is in the middle. In front of a large audience, David · remmick topic is very broad in scope, and the audience included American singer songwriter and poet Patti Smith · (Patti Smith), the poet Elliot · Murphy (Elliott Murphy), Hollywood gold producer Jon · Landau (Jon Landau), and Springsteen’s wife, patty · Sixi; Yaer method (Patti Scialfa). In this 90 minute conversation, Springsteen recalled his early years in Asbury Parke as a young musician living in Jeffrey Holder’s childhood, his relation to his father, including Trump. "When he was a billionaire in New York, he could be very funny and funny." Springsteen said: "but as a presidential candidate, he is boring." Springsteen went on to say that Trump had "caused a lot of damage". "I think he is on the right opportunism forces some loose, he will take these forces into the mainstream society, such forces will not leave with his left, and I don’t believe that he is going to leave, in the beautiful night, he would never hesitate. I think it is a dangerous idea to subvert the idea of democratic elections." He said: "unless you win, otherwise when you tell people the election is illegal, and there are many people go, that is a very dangerous demon let out of the bottle, but the devil is not easily leave, so I am a bit]相关的主题文章: