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Chongqing science and technology innovation Planning Oriented Innovation Resources – the introduction of the world’s Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, November 15 (Zhong Yi) 15 reporters from the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Committee was informed that the "Chongqing city science and technology innovation" 13th Five-Year "plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been officially introduced. "Planning" proposed in 2020, Chongqing into the ranks of innovative cities, the national independent innovation demonstration area has made important progress, the initial completion of the western innovation center. "Planning" proposed to actively integrate into the global innovation network, to speed up the introduction of scientific and technological innovation. "3 plan" to develop the classification target innovative economic structure basically formed regional innovation ability, innovation, greatly enhance the ecological optimization, and puts forward 10 quantitative indicators, including by 2020 and strive to high-tech enterprises reached 3000, increase the strategic emerging manufacturing industry accounts for the proportion of above scale industrial added value reached 30%. The increase of knowledge intensive services accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 20%, the technology contract turnover reached 40 billion yuan, the contribution rate of technological progress increased to more than 60%. Upgrade transformation with Chongqing key industries, "planning" clearly advanced manufacturing technology, a new generation of information technology and health technology for the three major directions of local technological innovation, and technological innovation will take into account the 6 aspects of new materials, new energy, modern agriculture, environmental protection, new urbanization, public security etc.. "Planning" proposed, will accelerate the innovation and development of the inland areas Chinese first National Development District — Liangjiang New area. By 2020, the construction of a national demonstration base and management of national IPR demonstration zone, become the core exhibition area western innovation center, high-tech industries in the region accounted for the proportion of industrial added value higher than the average level of more than 50%. In strengthening the dominant position of enterprise technology innovation, "planning" mentioned that the benign development gradient will be constructed from the "seed enterprise" to "the leader", cultivating a number of high-tech enterprises with strong competitiveness. By 2020 the local science and technology enterprises reached 20000, high-tech enterprises reached more than 3000, multi-level capital market listed companies reached 200. "Planning" specifically pointed out that to promote all-round open innovation. Around the needs of the development of Chongqing industry, to accelerate the introduction of global R & D institutions, research and development team and the advantages of technology and other innovative resources. At the same time, the local high-end research and development institutions to improve the introduction of incentive policies to promote open and innovative cooperation park construction projects, to create a number of industrial characteristics, technical advantages of Chinese and foreign innovation cooperation park. The local will liberalize international scientific and technological exchanges management mechanism, promote science and technology. In the construction of high level innovative talents, the "planning" mentioned the need to introduce talents at home and abroad, and strive to five years, the introduction of the 100 chief scientist, 1000 senior R & D personnel and 10000 R & D engineers.相关的主题文章: