North Korea held activities to commemorate the 66 anniversary of the Chinese people’s volunteers to 三色网

North Korea held activities to commemorate the China people’s volunteers entering the Korean War 66 anniversary of the people’s China volunteers entering the Korean War 66 anniversary of the Korean friendship tower in Pyongyang held in commemoration of October 25th is Chinese people’s volunteers entering the Korean War 66 anniversary. On the same day, the DPRK held a commemorative event in Pyongyang friendship tower and other places. No. 25 North Korean workers came to Pyongyang early in the morning, friendship tower Memorial volunteers martyrs zhonghun. Hong Shanyu, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Republic of korea. Chinese ambassador to North Korea, Li Jinjun, Ambassador to the DPRK and the deputy head of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, such as the head of the Sino Korean border committee members attended the event, such as Liu Zhenmin. In the North Korean military band accompaniment, the military will be the Central Committee of the Korean workers’ Party and the Supreme People’s assembly, the cabinet jointly laid wreaths solemnly carried before the friendship tower foundation. The wreath ribbon reads "glory to China people martyrs". The DPRK Supreme People’s assembly of the Secretary General Hong Shanyu slowly finishing up the ribbon. Korean people’s armed forces, the Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign economic province and other departments as well as the DPRK embassy, Chinese in the Korean border Joint Commission delegation, the DPRK delegation, in the sweep of Chinese community were laid a wreath. In a solemn atmosphere, the presence of the two sides to the martyrs of silence to pay tribute. The North Korean national anthem played live band. Then, the two sides personnel to pay homage to the friendship tower, people read Chinese martyrs list, three murals to visit indoor entry into combat, fighting and reconstruction as the theme. The same day, the Korean people from all walks of life in the DPRK, Chinese funded institutions, overseas Chinese, hundreds of people came to the tower friendship flowers to the martyrs. China and North Korea are also held in commemoration of the people’s Republic of China martyrs memorial places around the country.相关的主题文章: