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Express car thief involved more than 50 stolen goods when the police were locked in the original title: man repeatedly stealing stolen goods by express car police lock JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chang Xin) recently, Chaoyang Public Security Bureau network security brigade police uncovered a specific delivery vehicle theft cases, suspects Wie jingfangxingju, currently. The police initially verified more than 50 cases. In early 2016, a courier company courier to the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau after a series of reports, said the distribution of the vehicle during the distribution was pry, part of the stolen goods. After preliminary statistics, the company received more than 20 stolen goods, involving more than 10 yuan. Chaoyang Public Security Bureau network security brigade police immediately set up a task force to carry out the investigation of this case. Through all the stolen items provide clues on the courier company’s network for a large number of screening and verification, the ad hoc police found the stolen goods from the buyers registered in the website after the mobile phone usually only buy a small amount of the goods, and the delivery address throughout Beijing, very suspicious. Police suspect suspects may be related to the presence of stolen goods and buyers. After nearly three months of repeated network information search, the police found a registered mobile phone at the same time involved in a social networking site, registered and issued a second-hand goods sales information, this clue immediately aroused investigators attention. After work, investigators quickly to target a man named Wei, found the man not only single way to steal the company’s delivery of goods to report multiple accounts of the online shopping, but also a large number of registered major electricity supplier, a large number of orders and stolen goods. Involving an amount of more than 500 thousand yuan. On the afternoon of August 16th, Chaoyang security brigade will inform the relevant units of this situation, and in a temporary residence of Wei captured. Wie on since the end of 2014, through online shopping order, and the use of courier delivery car theft of goods not confessed to the crime, involving four locations throughout Fengtai, Dongcheng, Xicheng, chaoyang. Currently, the police have verified nearly 50 cases, Wei Chaoyang police have been under criminal detention according to law. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: