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Ningxia coal mine gas explosion caused the death of 18 people has repeatedly concealed the accident original title: unable to conceal the tragedy — Ningxia Lin "9 and 27" coal mine gas explosion accident tracking Yinchuan Xinhua news agency Reuters new media in September 30th September 27th, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Shizuishan City, Lin coal gas explosion Limited No. three mine. Has caused 18 people were killed and another 2 people unaccounted for. According to the State Administration of work safety bulletin, the enterprises involved deliberately concealed the accident, illegal cross-border exploitation, security management. The reporter interviewed many learned at the scene of the accident, the mine production environment, management personnel security awareness is low, many accidents occurred are mine concealed. Concealed the accident more than once according to the State Administration of work safety on the site of the "Office of the State Security Committee of Ningxia city of Shizuishan Lin Coal Company Limited" 9, 27 "major gas explosion accident notification", the accident occurred after the mine failing to report the masses to report to the relevant departments. An anonymous miner said: "I am the night in the No. four well that night, around 1 am the sudden power failure, after four or five seconds, a gust of wind blowing to our job, I knew something was wrong." Reporters learned that, in this accident, the mine had wanted to hide, but later the miners do not go down, quietly call reports, the mine could not conceal it. In an interview with reporters more than 10 miners, some coal miners cross the accident is not the first time this year, the accident occurred. Prior to this coal mine well three and well No. four have been an accident, and caused casualties, but have been concealed by the mining side. A surveyed coal mine staff said that this year there have been many cases of mine gas accidents and other accidents have killed and injured, but mine accident has not reported, each private miners died, compensation in 1 million yuan to 1 million 500 thousand yuan. Another miner said that last year, the mine also had a flooding accident, but also caused casualties. True two drawings of cross-border Mining Safety Committee of the State Council for more than 3 years in September 28th, informed of the details revealed that the accident was caused by illegal cross-border exploitation. This mine ignore national laws, ignoring the miners life, super layer cross-border production for more than 3 years, cross-border distance up to 1700 meters. In order to avoid regulation, the mine closed by false deliberately conceal the illegal exploitation of behavior, in well hole digging tunnels, through illegal channels leading to the cross-border area; the true two drawings, drawings to the relevant departments reported to the relevant record are not drawing cross-border mining area; involving cross-border regional production are not recorded, do not fill in statements and the ledger, not reported. The reporter interviewed the miners consensus that it is because of the long-term coal mine roadway cross-border exploitation, more and more long, face breeze work caused the accumulation of gas, the gas explosion caused by illegal shooting. The following are digging it, the longest tunnel two or three kilometers, the tunnel is too long, poor ventilation. The mine gas is already more, in this case a little carelessness will lead to big 3相关的主题文章: