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EIA tonight and crude oil blend into crude oil asphalt more than a single friend how to release Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Although since last Friday, the author has emphasized the idea to do a single oil rebound is empty, but in fact the market is still a lot of customers to obsessed with EIA, with a variety of forecasting results into more than a single quilt, I can only express regret, because I can do has been done, you do not believe I have no way. In my opinion, although the data report bullish prices rising short-term, but in two bad news and technical trend of straddle state, put the hope on the EIA is obviously not reliable, as I said earlier do not chase, although EIA is not in my expected data, but any point of view no matter is bullish or bearish, oil prices will fall. So in the data pulled, around $45 on the fatigue, determined to give crude empty single advice, fell to 43.7, a profit of $1.3, according to the point of profit ninggui asphalt 120, 10 hand operating profit of about 120 thousand, with my friends on the list! Analysis and operation of crude oil market outlook suggest that the present price fixed at around $43.8, from all levels of technical indicators are still bearish, 44.30 is the early stage of starting up position, and here wandering in the end can not form a new point of support, will be judged a key position of the oil price trend, above to judge the strength of basis is nothing more than $45.50 last night to counter high position, if it fell below $43.8 support, will continue to fall to engulf the downward trend in daily operation, the author suggested a rebound of $44-44.2 near empty single approach, target see how to do a recent low of $43 more than those of crude asphalt single quilt? The evening EIA data out of a wave pulled after regression, continued to decline to around $43.4, but you can see, there are some temporary support in the vicinity of 43.5, several times are not below, hold more than one friend took the first, if a strong below is to below 43.3, not below may usher in a wave of then choose the rebound out, because behind the market has not come out, still need time to release real-time control technology, be sure to contact my WeChat 578526610 specific, not without action! EIA utility to do a single check surplus skills, learn the next no longer lose!! Maybe some friends do not understand, specific can consult me, is a very useful method to do data market skills: in the data to a warehouse to lock this lock, you can see through the single line 5 minutes long, relatively low, relatively high short, if this first will be a little profit make charges, if you feel so troublesome you can lock directly into the warehouse, then to be released about 3 minutes before the back two methods in the news. 1) give each of the two sets of 3 points相关的主题文章: