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Drunk man kicked the elevator door falling from the four floor of the original title: KTV drinking wine, he kicked the elevator door, unfortunately, the car door kicked off, but not to the end of the year, but drink less, drink high, trouble will come. Yesterday morning, Hangzhou Yang drunk, watching the elevator doors did not open, he directly on foot, results the door is opened, the elevator car did not come, Xiao Yang directly from the 4 floor to the 1 floor. Fortunately, he just left leg fracture. From the 4 floor down he was lying in the elevator shaft to move at 3:47 yesterday morning, Jinjiang squadron fire command center received the dispatch said: Hangzhou golden wheat KTV, there are people trapped from the four floor lift off. 3:52, firefighters arrived at the scene to rescue the first floor of the elevator at the top of the implementation by cutting machine, open a hole, will be trapped in the Xiao Yang rescue, 120 emergency vehicles carried on to rushed to hospital for treatment. Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter came to the incident, Wangjiang Road Mall, golden wheat KTV is located in the mall 4 floor, the elevator is independent of plug on the wall, built with transparent toughened glass, which belongs to the sightseeing elevator, through building 4. However, leaving a building when the rescue cutmarks is also very obvious, the glass slag spilled everywhere. KTV staff said, this elevator is set up solely for KTV, for guests directly up and down, when the incident, the man is directly from the 4 floor fell to the 1 floor. At that time, we scared to death, thought to be out of life, after all, there are more than a dozen Michael." Drink high kicked the elevator elevator door certainly didn’t come fire rescue, 120 ambulances have been on standby at the scene. After the incident, Yang was sent to Hangzhou three hospital for rescue. Fortunately, after examination of Xiao Yang is not life-threatening, but the left leg fracture. Xiao Yang, a Gansu native, aged 24, worked in a hotel in Hangzhou. Little Yang Ceng clashed with others during the incident. "Their box has 7 people, called more than 10 bottles of beer, then do not know because of what happened, Yang and out of the box and another person had a quarrel, after Yang rushed to the elevator, then disappeared." Yesterday, KTV staff also see the surveillance video of the incident: at 3:47 in the morning, a man rushed to the elevator running speed, with his right foot fiercely fly kick in the elevator door, and then the man to the elevator, then disappeared. The staff said, the man is Xiao yang. Qian newspaper reporter noted that the elevator door located on the 4 floor, the right side door has obvious depression. "We have been in contact with the maintenance unit will be repaired as soon as possible." Yesterday morning, a little clear Yang explained: "I kicked the door when the elevator door opened a little, I thought it was the elevator to go, did not expect caikong. The elevator door quality is too poor, I have no strength." Is it really the elevator quality problem? Yesterday, the quality inspection department staff also rushed to the scene. After field testing, the staff to give a definite answer, for the passenger elevator accident damage, resulting in violation of the normal use of the elevator itself quality there is no problem and the normal operation. Newspaper correspondent Chen Jun text reported the first 2

男子酒后踹开电梯门从四楼坠下   原标题:KTV喝完酒,他脚踹电梯门,要命的是,门踢开,轿厢却没来   本报讯 年底了,喝酒少不了,但喝高了,麻烦也就来了。昨天凌晨,杭州的小杨喝高了,看电梯门没开,他直接上脚踢,结果门是开了,电梯轿厢却没来,小杨直接从4楼掉到1楼。万幸的是,他仅仅左腿骨折。   从4楼跌下   他躺在电梯井动弹不得   昨天凌晨3时47分,消防近江中队接到指挥中心的调度称:杭州金麦KTV内,有人从四楼电梯掉下去被困。3时52分,消防员到达现场,用切割机对电梯一楼顶部实施破拆,开出一个口子,将被困的小杨救出,抬上赶来的120急救车送往医院治疗。   昨天,钱报记者也来到了事发地,望江东路某商城,金麦KTV位于大卖场4楼,事发的电梯是独立外挂在墙体上的,用透明钢化玻璃建起来,属于观光电梯,直通4楼。不过,一楼救援时留下的切割痕迹还很明显,溅出的玻璃渣随处可见。   KTV的工作人员说,这部电梯是单独为KTV设置的,供客人直接上下,事发时,男子是从4楼直接跌落到1楼的。“当时把我们吓死了,以为要出人命了,毕竟有十几米高。”   酒喝高了踢开电梯门   电梯轿厢当然没来   消防救援的同时,120救护车已经在现场待命了。事发后,小杨被送到了杭州市三医院进行抢救。万幸的是,经检查小杨并没有生命危险,只是左腿骨折了。   小杨,甘肃人,24岁,在杭州某酒店工作,事发时小杨曾和别人发生过冲突。“他们的包厢有7个人,叫了10多瓶啤酒,后来不知道因为什么事,小杨走出包厢并且和另外一个人有过争吵,之后小杨就冲向电梯了,接着就消失了。”   昨天,KTV工作人员也调看了事发时的监控录像:凌晨3点47分,一男子加速跑步冲向电梯,用右脚狠狠地飞踹了电梯门,然后男子走向电梯,接着就消失了。工作人员说,男子就是小杨。钱报记者注意到,位于4楼的电梯门,右半侧门已有明显的凹陷。“我们已经联系了维保单位,会尽快修好。”   昨天上午,稍微清醒的小杨这样解释:”我当时踹了门一脚,结果电梯门开了一点,我以为是电梯到了,走进去没想到踩空了。电梯门质量太差,我也没有用劲啊。”   莫非真的是电梯质量问题?昨天,质检部门的工作人员也赶到了现场。经现场检测,工作人员给出了确定的答复,事故为乘客人为破坏电梯,违反正常使用导致,电梯本身质量并无问题且事发时正常运行。   本报通讯员 陈钧文 本报首席记者 李阳阳   (感谢朱先生提供线索) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: