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Duncan, Kobe, who is great? The magician: Peter harder for young people two people are great enough to sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 10th, according to ESPN reports, the Lakers legend Jabbar in a recent interview that Tim – Duncan occupation career achievement is higher than that of Kobe Bryant. In this regard, another legend "the magician" Johnson have different opinions. "God, I would say that Tim Duncan has a better career than Kobe, because they can win more steadily, and they don’t have to rely on Tim all the time." Jabbar said at the time. However, "magician" Johnson disagreed with Jabbar’s choice. "Kareem has his point of view." The magician said, "the number of Championships between them (Duncan and Kobe) is the same. But I have a Lakers bias, because I love Kobe, and I know him as a person. He did everything for the city and for the fans all over the world. He made the young players work harder because he worked hard and worked hard. Lebron and all the players followed Kobe’s footsteps. He would say to young players, "Hey, you should do that." And the other players will do it." No doubt, both Kobe and Duncan are the future Hall of Famer, and they all have 5 NBA championships. But since 2013, Kobe has been suffering from injuries, which has affected his status and career to a great extent. "Kobe’s body has collapsed." Jabbar said at the time, "he’s only 37 years old, but his body has collapsed, because he has to bear a lot of pressure on the field, but he wants to do that." (Rosen)

邓肯科比谁伟大? 魔术师:飞侠让年轻人更努力 两人都足够伟大   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月10日,据ESPN报道,湖人名宿贾巴尔在近日接受采访时认为蒂姆-邓肯职业生涯的成就高于科比-布莱恩特。对此,湖人的另一位名宿“魔术师”约翰逊有不同意见。   “上帝,我会说蒂姆-邓肯(比科比)拥有一段更好的职业生涯,因为他们(马刺)能够更加稳定地赢球,而且他们并不需要一直依赖蒂姆。”贾巴尔当时这样说道。   然而“魔术师”约翰逊并不同意贾巴尔的选择。   “卡里姆有他的观点。”“魔术师”说道,“他俩(邓肯和科比)的总冠军数目相同。但我拥有倾向于一名湖人球员,因为我爱科比,我了解他的为人。他为这座城市所做的一切以及为全世界的球迷,他让这些年轻球员更加刻苦地训练,因为他自己非常努力和刻苦。勒布朗以及所有那些球员都追随科比的脚步。他会对年轻球员们说:‘嘿,你们应该这么做。’而其他球员会照做。”   毫无疑问,科比和邓肯都是未来的名人堂成员,而且他们都拥有5个NBA总冠军。但自从2013年以来,科比持续受到伤病的困扰,这也在很大程度上影响了他的状态和职业生涯。   “科比的身体已经垮了。”贾巴尔当时这样说道,“他只有37岁,但是他的身体已经垮了,因为他在场上必须承担很重的压力,但是他希望这么做。”   (罗森)相关的主题文章: