Don’t patronize the National Day holiday. Do you know how to calculate overtime pay-cad2012序列号和密钥

Don’t you know how to greet the National Day holiday overtime fee day "Golden Week", how is your overtime? Reporters from the Shanghai municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau learned that, in October 1st, October 2nd, October 3rd, the day to work overtime, the unit should not be less than my day or hourly wage workers to pay overtime wages 300%. According to the "notice" the general office of the State Council on 2016 part of the holiday this year, National Day holiday for October 1st to 7 vacation days off, a total of 7 days. Among them, October 1st -3 for the National Day statutory holidays. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the employer arranges overtime in October 1st -3 period, shall not be less than 300% of the workers themselves day or hourly wage shall pay overtime wages; during the period of October 4th -7, the employer arranges overtime, workers can choose to arrange time off without pay overtime pay, if you do not give time off. It should not be less than my day or hourly wage workers to pay overtime wages 200%. The calculation of overtime wages, wages according to the average monthly pay for 21.75 days reduced, hourly wages on the basis of daily wage divided by 8 hours. In determining the basis of calculation of overtime wages, labor contract has expressly agreed to pay, determined according to jobs where workers no less than the corresponding wage. The labor contract is no clear agreement on wages, according to the collective contract execution. The employer and the employee without any agreement, according to him laborer post normal attendance monthly salary 70%. (Xinhua News Agency)

别光顾迎接国庆长假 你知道加班费怎么算吗   国庆“黄金周”,你的加班费怎么算?记者从上海市人力资源和社会保障局了解到,10月1日、10月2日、10月3日当天加班的,单位应按照不低于劳动者本人日或小时工资的300%支付加班工资。   根据《国务院办公厅关于2016年部分节假日安排的通知》,今年国庆节假期为10月1日至7日放假调休,共7天。其中,10月1日-3日为国庆节法定节假日。根据相关法规,用人单位在10月1日-3日期间安排劳动者加班的,应按照不低于劳动者本人日或小时工资的300%另行支付加班工资;10月4日-7日期间用人单位安排劳动者加班的,可以选择给劳动者安排补休而不支付加班工资,如果不给补休,则应当按照不低于劳动者本人日或小时工资的200%支付加班工资。   计算加班工资时,日工资按平均每月计薪天数21.75天折算,小时工资则在日工资的基础上再除以8小时。在确定加班工资的计算基数时,劳动合同对工资有明确约定的,按不低于劳动者所在岗位相对应的工资标准确定。劳动合同对工资没有明确约定的,按集体合同约定执行。用人单位与劳动者无任何约定的,按劳动者本人所在岗位正常出勤月工资收入的70%确定。   (新华社)相关的主题文章: