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Who is the most beautiful in the world? Google Android smart mirror tells you – Sohu digital mirror, mirror, tell me, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?" This classic line, I believe you are familiar with, but in fact, the modern version of the smart mirror may have already given the answer. Recently, Google engineers in their spare time, DIY made an intelligent mirror, and this smart mirror is the Android operating system, see it instantly believe you want one too?. Google Engineer DIY own smart mirror based on Android (source: techradar) before the fact, as early as this, large screen display panel is rare, but since the last CES  2016, the Samsung display with 21.5 inches large screen smart refrigerator "Family   Hub Smart  Fridge, let this be check the weather forecast, in the big screen to play music, shopping and other entertainment equipment demand, as we experience the visual and touch screen operation experience opened the door to the new world. It is reported that, at the beginning, Google Software Engineer Braun found that there is no formal Smart Mirror in the market, which is his intention to build his own DIY intelligent mirror in his spare time. The Braun Smart Mirror project results in a sleek, Android based mirror that uses a two-way mirror, a display panel, a controller board, and a "bunch of components and art and craft supplies."." He also says that you never think of a day when you can see the weather forecast or other entertainment functions in the bathroom, and what a great project it looks like. At the same time, the Google Engineer Braun said that he was able to create a medicine cabinet can be placed in the door, it can automatically display the time, date, weather, news and remind the smart mirror, smart mirror and does not need to interact with it, and the smart mirror should search by voice interface does not open, for all support for automatic updates. Although all this seems a bit complicated, but Google engineering S Braun said, in fact, this intelligent mirror is only a corner project, in view of the fact that he has been busy developing other projects, the intelligent mirror project is still looking forward to it. 世上谁最美?谷歌Android智能镜子告诉你-搜狐数码  “魔镜,魔镜,告诉我,谁是世界上最美的女人?”这句经典台词相信大家再熟悉不过了,其实现代版智能魔镜或许早就已经给出了答案。近日,谷歌的工程师在业余时间自己DIY做了一款智能镜子,而这款智能镜子采用的是Android操作系统,看到它的一瞬间相信你也想要一个呢。   谷歌工程师自己DIY了基于Android的智能镜子(图源:techradar)   其实早在此之前,超大屏幕的显示面板还不多见,但自从在上次CES 2016上,三星展出了配备21.5英寸超大屏幕的智能冰箱“Family Hub”Smart Fridge之后,让这种可以在大屏幕上面查看天气预报、用来播放音乐、购物以及其他娱乐需求的设备,就为大家的视觉体验和触屏操作感受打开了新世界的大门。   据悉,最初的时候,谷歌软件工程师布劳恩发现在市场上还并没有正式的智能镜子,这也是他决定在自己的业余时间建立自己的DIY智能镜子的初衷。布劳恩智能镜子的项目结果是一款光滑的,基于Android操作系统的镜子,使用了一个双向反射镜,一个显示面板,一个控制器板和一个“一堆组件和艺术和工艺用品。”他还表示,你永远不会想到有一天能在浴室里能看到天气预报或者是其他娱乐功能,可见这是个多么让人期待的项目。   同时,谷歌的工程师布劳恩表示,他能够创造一个可以放置在药品柜门口、能自动显示天气,时间,日期,新闻和提醒的智能镜子,并且不需要与它进行交互的智能镜子,并且这款智能镜子应该通过不开放的语音搜索接口,为其他一切支持自动更新。   尽管这一切看起来有点复杂,但谷歌工程司布劳恩表示,其实这款智能镜子只是一个边角项目,鉴于近来他一直在忙着研发其他项目,智能镜子的项目还是要期待一下了。相关的主题文章: