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Health Lice infestation is a .mon problem among school-aged children. You will know when your kids are suffering from it when you see them constantly scratching their heads or when you notice scalp rashes. Parents often take action because head lice cause disruptions in the sleep patterns of children as well as their other activities. Because this is highly contagious, you have to take appropriate actions once you see the first symptoms appear. Here is the proven head lice prevention that you can do at home. Avoid Sharing your Personal Belongings A head lice prevention technique that you have to observe is to avoid sharing your personal belongings with people infested with the parasite. Hairbrushes and accessories like caps and towels should be your own personal property. Each person has to have their own piece. If your children have the problem, tell them to separate their belongings from yours. When you can try to separate all bedding. If you have children who occupy the same room properly treat both of them. Watch out for Crowded Areas Crowded areas like parks and schools are risky sites for acquiring the infection. For head lice prevention, ask the school nurse about students that have the infection. Even a single child can cause a widespread problem. If you see one child with it, report it immediately to authorities. Quickly diagnosing the problem is key to prevention. Wash Clothing and Beddings Well Head lice prevention can be done by washing your children’s clothing and beddings in hot water. The increased temperatures kill lice instantly. Aside from the water, the detergent affects them. The moment you see they are scratching their heads change their bedding and soak them in hot soapy water. Include all clothes worn in the past weeks to ac.plish .plete lice removal. You can also use a dryer to increase lice removal. Clean the House Well Cleaning your house, like vacuuming and the use of bactericidal agents, helps achieve your goal in head lice prevention. Pay particular attention to resting places like the couch, carpets and chairs. Make sure to thoroughly vacuum and wash these. Improve your Personal Hygiene Another head lice prevention method is through improving your personal hygiene. Wash your hair with shampoo and massage the scalp slightly. Make sure to dry it .pletely and use a brush. After drying, use a nit .b to catch possible lice. Place the nits in a solution of hot soapy water or vinegar to kill lice. Use Home Remedies If bug infestations have occurred, start the treatment as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading further. Shampoos that are properly chemically treated specifically as a lice remedy. Check the Whole Family Since the bugs are familial problems, check each person in the house for possible infestation. The first point to start is with the children, then treat roommates and adults. lice have no way of choosing who to infest. Although it is more .mon among children, adults are not exempt from them. Proper head lice prevention is a major factor in reducing risk of infestation. By following these easy steps, you can free your kids and even yourself from the irritating bugs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: