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Sales The textile sector in India is witnessing a strong revival since some time in history. As a result of this improvement, the textile machinery segment is hugely benefiting as demand for textile machines is rapidly increasing in the country particularly for the ones that relate to the weaving industries. The machines used in weaving industries are generally known as weaving machines. These machines are .monly used for weaving purposes where the threads are interlaced to make the cloth. Weaving is generally a process where woven fabrics are produced using two kinds of yarns. The vertical or length wise yarns are called warp yarns and the width wise yarns of fabric are called weft yarns. They both are interlaced together to produce woven fabric in the weaving machine which is called loom. However there are some preparatory processes to be done before weaving process starts like making of warper beams for weaving and sizing processes. The machines used during these weaving preparatory processes are generally referred as weaving preparatory machines. Some of the .mon names of weaving preparatory machines include warping machines, sizing machines, narrow fabric machines like needle looms, drum warping machines, selvedge warping machines, textile measuring machines, textile dyeing machines and textile winding machines, warp beam handling machines, warping creels, sectional warpers , direct warpers, single end warping machines, indigo dyeing machines etc. With advancing technology newer models of textile weaving preparatory machinery are now available for better, faster and high quality fabric production. Now-a-days these machines have highly advanced features like advanced technology laser sensors for contactless pitch measurement, precision linear guides for accurate and reliable machine traversal, section tension controls or tension adjustment devices, automatic beam alignment, automatic stopping devices, operating panel hand held controllers for all beaming and sizing functions. With all these latest features enabled in todays machines the present day weaving preparatory devices have be.e faster, reliable and highly productive devices for better quality fabric production. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: