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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Cris Chico’s Absentee Owner Profits is one of only a few courses available that shows you how to find and effectively market to absentee owners. These Absentee owners can prove to be a highly lucrative source of leads for you because they’re often highly motivated to sell their property at a deep discount. Cris Chico (commonly misspelled Chris Chico) reveals the exact strategies he used to mail over 500,000 postcards that helped him find and flip 116 properties that generated over $1,452,108 in profits. Before you make the investment in the course you need to make sure it’s right for you and your business. There are a few things you should know about absentee owners, Cris Chico’s Absentee Owner Profits and postcard mailing. What’s An Absentee Owner? An absentee owner is someone who owns property but does not live in the property. They live somewhere else. This course will teach you how to target a specific group of absentee owners; tired landlords. Landlords who currently own rental properties that are in need of repair that are being occupied by problem landlords. What’s Absentee Owner Profits? The course is broken down into four modules that Cris put together based on his own experiences with mailing over 500,000 postcards which resulted in 116 flips that brought in over $1,452,108 in profits. You’ll learn how to Find, download and prepare your mailing lists correctly And more… The course is an exact success blueprint for finding and mailing to absentee owners that’s backed by customer successes stories and a 100% money back customer satisfaction guarantee. Why Postcard Mailing And What Are The Costs? Postcard mailing and other forms of direct mailing are one of the most powerful marketing methods you can use to grow your real estate investing business and your profits. Direct mail allows you send your message to a very targeted list of prospects at a relatively inexpensive cost. Direct mail is powerful because it’s scalable, you’re able to easily track your direct mail investment, leverage your time, efforts and get an immediate response on your mailing. While it’s relatively inexpensive to mail one postcard it can become expensive quickly when mailing a lot of postcards. Since direct mail typically has a low response rate and real estate investing is purely a numbers game you’ll need to mail a lot and often. These are the costs you’ll incur as you go through the postcard mailing process. First you’ll need to purchase a list of names with absentee owners for the area you want to target. Then you need to purchase the postcards with your message. Finally you’ll pay the cost of mailing the postcards. Is This Right For You? As a real estate investor you need motivated sellers willing to sell you a property at a deep discount. When you’re targeting absentee owners you’re simply increasing your chances of finding highly motivated sellers. Regardless of your exit strategy (flipping, wholesaling, buy and hold) Cris Chico’s Absentee Owner Profits is a wise investment if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you can afford the cost of the course and the cost of mailing postcards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: