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Fashion-Style People who are in the fashion world know better which type clothes we should wear. A popular runway model who walked hundreds of ramp shows for fashion designers from Chanel to Versace, knows the glamour of confident, comfortable walk. First impressions are really a big deal, whether you walk through the stage to give a presentation or into a restaurant for a date. For runway modeling, everyone should concentrate on keeping the head straight and for better posing. For balance, models focuses on a point in the distance. And takes very large strides, to show off movement in the clothes. Large strides give the impression of a certain amount of confidence. Some models push their pelvises slightly forward to create the delusion that they are leaning back a little, rather than hunching forward. But some believes such tricks aren’t necessary. In general, the runway modeling today isn’t as showy as it was in the earlier period, when Naomi Campbell and other supermodels would lean way back or add an exaggerated swing of the hips. More recently, Gisele Bndchen pioneered the "horse walk" — a stomping movement created when a model picks her knees up high and kicks her feet out in front. Today, most fashion designers want a natural leisurely walk, and some even post signs backstage saying to walk naturally. If they dont walk naturally then they might even scold them. They used to even teach them how to walk naturally. Some models dont know how to walk but after entering into fashion industry and having support of good fashion designers they become a successful model. One problem it often faces is what to do with the hands when they walk. Generally, they let their arms fall to their sides, where they gently move them back and forth, while brushing her thighs with her fingertips. If a fashionable dress has pockets, they put their hands inside. Wearing high heels is fine — as long as they are comfortable and fit. Whenever Ms. Stam walks on the runway she will go in heels as high as seven inches. She tries shoes on a day or two before a show. But even Ms. Stam — one of the world’s top-paid models — has fallen flat on her face. She took a dramatic spill at the Chlo fall 2006 show in Paris, while wearing absurdly high patent-leather pumps" that got caught on each other as her feet crossed on the runway. She says, "I fell and got back up," she says. "I kept walking. It happens, and it’s no big deal." On the runway, she concentrates on pulling her shoulders down and keeping her head high and straight, for better posture. For balance, she focuses on a point in the distance. And she takes very large strides, to show off movement in the clothes. Large strides give the impression of "a certain amount of confidence," she says. When she gets nervous, Ms. Stam imagines people aren’t actually focused on her. "I think about how they are probably concentrating on the clothes — or on themselves," she says. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: