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Reference-and-Education An Embedded System can be defined as a .puter system specially designed to perform one a few specific function or dedicated functions.These system are widely used for controlling many devices of daily uses such as smart cards, digital consumer electronics and automotive.These embedded systems are generally formed by microcontroller and basic processors. Embedded Systems are different from personal .puters as these are specially designed to perform some specific tasks rather then performing multiple tasks.Some special type of embedded system are built with real time constraints for security reasons.Embedded systems are not stand alone devices, in facts they consists of much smaller .puterized parts within a much larger device.The programming code written for embedded systems are firmware, and are usually stored in flash memory chips or in ROM. Basically embedded systems are designed with real time constraints which must be met within a specific time while performing a particular task.These system .es with much simplified system hardware which allow hardware cost to be reduced.Embedded systems are always in the form of small .puterized parts in larger devices which serves as a general purpose device. Most of the .monly used applications like mobile phone,digital cameras,keyboard controller, multitasking toys, electronics instruments, Fax or photocopy or printer or scanner machine,Telephones with memory, display & other sophisticated, Stepper motor controller for a robotic system, Washing & cooking system features .e with embedded system inbuilt themselves. The demand of embedded systems are increasing day by day, so do the demands of embedded system professionals.The top most MNC’s are are looking for embedded systems professionals as the number of embedded system specialist are less in market and requirements of these .panies are very vast.The students who are doing, electrical and electronics, electrical , electronics etc have a golden opportunity to make a career in this field.The only thing which students should keep their mind is that they must possess strong practical knowledge of embedded system.Embedded system training is one of the best option to gain practical knowledge of embedded system.6 months training on embedded system is the best option among these embedded system trainings as it allows students to gain deep knowledge of embedded system technology.Advanced embedded system training is another training which is also in great demand in market these days.The students should find themselves a training institute where they learn embedded system is best ways possible. Most of the top it training center in India are offering these embedded system training for students where they have a golden chance of gaining some core practical knowledge of embedded system technology.These it training center also offer some offer training programs such as VLSI, VHDL, etc. These training center majorly deal in it training and few of their major training program are Java training, .. training,Php training, Oracle training etc.The students who are looking for these technologies can also look forward to these training institute. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: