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Marketing One of the main things you should know with your website is that you need to diversify your in.e. Supposing you have most of your ads with Google AdSense. And it makes up 90% of your website’s profit. Heaven forbid if Google should ever suspend your account! What would you do if you lose 90% of your online earnings? Can you recover your losses immediately?For most individuals, they would not. So if you have a website, vary your in.e by not only utilizing Pay Per Click sponsors, but perhaps use a Direct Leads sponsor, a cost per acquisition sponsor, or affiliate marketing. It’s always best to look at the performance of your website. One way of doing this is by monitoring which banners and ads are doing well and which ones are not. It’s also a fine idea to vary your banners every few months anyway to get "fresh blood" on your website. One must to do this because your readers will eventually overlook all your ads and banners as they be.e banner blind. Opening other websites is another way of increasing ones earnings. At present, I have more than a few sites that I get in.e from. Almost 4 months ago, Google banned one of my websites from their search engine! Among internet marketers, this is a ordinarything. It appears that my site had a lot of outgoing links to sponsor ads and they judge it a "link farm". But that site at the time was raking in about $1000 per month. If I didn’t have all of my other websites to pick up the slack, can you imagine the mess that would have been? Another way to develop your websites is to have some of them on several servers. The market is offering good quality hosting at dirt cheap prices. Supposing you throw one or two of them up on a $5.99 a month server and pay for a year’s worth of hosting, then youre on the right track. Aside from the search engine benefits, you also need not worry if one of your servers will go down. If you want to earn the most money online then you totally need to multiply your in.e streams. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: