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Psychology Have you ever wondered how it is that there is a certain type of character, narcissistic to the core, almost comically over confidant and smug, who despite a lack of talent or virtue, seems to coast through life, achieving far more than those who surpass them in every way. From my time living in Budapest, I still have a fond recollection of a pair of stories reported in the local paper, which speak to this topic. In the first story, a young woman was out for a run in a residential area in the southern part of Pest. Out of nowhere, she was set upon by a vicious German Shepherd, bounding towards her with murderous intent in its eyes. The dog chased her for several blocks and would have mauled her had she not changed course, jumped a fence, ran across a park and jumped into the Danube. Fortunately, for our heroine, it was winter, and the dog having an aversion to cold water, elected not to pursue her. When the police finally tracked down the owner of the dog, a pensioner who had moved back from the USA to live out his autumn years in his motherland, his only comment was to refer to the unfortunate woman as a silly bitch who lacked enough sense to climb a telephone pole. In the second story, an entrepreneur, reported to be a foreigner of Hungarian descent, had purchased an old construction crane, set it up on a bridge across the Tisza River, and set himself up in the bungee jumping business. Akos, a man in his late 40s, known to be a bit of a firebrand, was his first paying customer, and as it turned out, he was also the last. When Akos jumped from the bridge, the stress was seemingly too great for the housing fixing the crane to the bridge. The article went on to say that the injuries Akos would have sustained from the fall would not have been so bad had the crane not dislodged from its housing and landed upon him. At the time the article was written, Akos was languishing in the hospital in a full body caste, but expected to make a full recovery. As absurd and tragic comedic as these stories may appear, they are very real portraits of players in action. Denial has a pejorative connotation. However, it is actually a necessary part of our mental framework. It is a kind of disassociation. All of us do it, yet none of us can fully own up to it. Ironically, we must deny our own denial. Otherwise, it would cease to function for us. It helps us not to see what we wish not to see. It acts as a kind of filtering lens, only allowing that information which helps support our beliefs to pass through. In the case of the player, this denial is of such a magnitude that it eclipses everything else. It literally borders on madness. They create reality as they go along. As opposed to maintaining certain fixed ideas as we all do, the object of their denial is constantly shifting. The pedophile is an example of this phenomenon. They serially commit heinous acts while maintaining an impeccable image of propriety before both the world and themselves. It is not by chance that so many of these deviants cloak themselves in the robes of the minister or priest. Not only does it provide them with a perfect cover, and credibility as well, it also perfectly matches their own view of themselves. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of these individuals is that despite the acts they commit, even when apprehended, they continue to see themselves as virtuous. This narcissistic loop is almost impossible to break, making rehabilitation highly unlikely. Being skilled actors, they have no trouble aping the pattern of behavior of a rehabilitee, but this is just another subterfuge. Entitlement and vindictiveness are central to the narcissistic personality. They are really two sides of the same coin. Narcissists feel naturally entitled to anything they desire. In fact, in their inner world, desires would be elevated to needs and rights. One of these is the right to always come out on top; to always win! No matter how much they get, how many times they win, they feel an absence of gratitude. Narcissists are ravenous. When deprived of the material rewards or deference they feel to be their due, they are enraged. Because of their completely distorted sense of their own importance, the slightest provocation can provoke the severest retribution. This narcissistic rage, particularly when not readily vented, becomes a vindictive obsession, which can consume them for years. As awful as there behaviour is and as much carnage as they leave behind on a certain level they must be pitied. For all their self importance and bombast they are behind it all just silly sad people doomed to repeat the same mistakes ad naseum. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: