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Hardware .puter users are aware that directories help you keep your files as well as your hard drive organized. Linux operating system users can have each of their directories attached with their own parameters. The parameters include knowing who has access to the directory, who has the permission to remove it and the permission to make changes in the directory. If you are not very .fortable using Linux and do not consider yourself a pro, you may contact an online .puter repair service for assistance. The .puter repair NYC service is exceptional in the way it deals with all PC issues. Get started with creating a directory Note that mkdir .mand used in Linux is one of the Bourne-Again Shell or BASH .mands. This .mand is used when a new directory has to be created. Before using this .mand the Linux user must check which directory he/she is presently active in. This is done for getting rid of errors at a later stage if the users are in a directory where they do not have such .mand privileges. For checking this, you must use the pwd .mand and then press the Enter key. The user must now type at the .mand prompt mkdir [directory] for creating a new directory. In place of directory .mand line operator, the user must type a name for the directory according to his/her preference. For instance, when the user is creating a directory called work, the user must type mkdir work. Note that this .mand will make a directory in the present working directory. Now the user may use the p .mand line parameter; this will create subdirectories in a parent directory. For instance, if a user is typing mkdir -p work/trainingprogram/office, he/she would be creating a directory tree that includes trainingprogram/office within the directory named work. For creating a new directory in any other directory other than the present working directory, the users have to use the p .mand line parameter in the similar manner of creating a directory tree mentioned above. However, in this procedure, the user must include a / before the first directorys name. For instance, if the user wants to create an office directory in a work directory that already is present, he/she must type mkdir -p /work/office. The Linux user can make many directories at once by using the mkdir .mand only once. This can be easily done by having a space between each of the directories that the user wants to create. The users must know that in Linux operating system, a directory can be made in a directory that the user has access to and cannot be created in someone elses domain. When you are using the mkdir .mand, be particularly careful about the spellings; if there is a spelling mistake, it will be difficult to locate a folder and also difficult to navigate to the folder later. For any other help on creating new directories in Linux, you may consider a operating system support provider that can help you get rid of all your problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: