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Arts-and-Entertainment You may not be surprised to learn that Coca Cola were the first .pany to give away free coupons. It happened in 1887 when Asa Candler the co owner of Coca Cola invented coupons. He provided a hand written coupon that entitled the holder to a free glass of Coca Cola. Imagine what one of those handwritten antique coupons would be worth in todays money at a specialist antique coupon collectors auction! You may have noticed that I am not entirely .fortable with using the word invented. In a recent Time article he was accredited with inventing the coupon. I respectfully suggest that he did not invent it but tweaked a much older marketing reward system that goes back into pre-history. Tokens have been around since pre-history and probably since man first started to trade. The most interesting profession to use them was the brothels and bordellos. Each had distinctive tokens which they used in house. Once a client paid the Madam, a token was issued and this was exchanged with the lady of choice for her favors. Such antique tokens .mand big money in antique shops and antique stores. In the Wild West and the gold rush to Alaska saloon keepers had an arrangement with their upstairs ladies where their clients had to buy a token at the bar. That meant that there was no money upstairs and welching or taking back money was thus avoided. In time a reward system for those spending their poke at the bar included a free token to the lady of their choice. Thus the token then became a free coupon. Perhaps Mr Candler was a lateral thinker and heard these stories from the Wild West and elsewhere and used his brain to invent or re-invent the free coupon. There is no doubt that it worked for him in making Coca Cola such a huge success and my chosen drink as I do not take alcohol. Next time you get a free code on your Coca Cola bottle, instead of using it, put it in an envelope and address it to your great grand children. It will be a very valuable collectors antique coupon in a hundred years time. When you are clearing out the old attic keep your eyes peeled for antique coupons, they are worth a lot of money. Keep reading my articles and I will make you rich. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: