A light to see the most beautiful scenery in the mountain city! This winter to eat Hot pot – Bathing 4000dy

A light to see the most beautiful scenery in the mountain city! This winter to eat Hot pot bathing – Sohu tourism brought in Chongqing, the first thought is the fog locked mountains, rivers crossing the tiny spots lights, high-rise shuttle between the light rail, hot choking the mouth of Chongqing girl, and the corner at the end of pot pot boiling with the red Hot pot! In fact, Chongqing is to be named the world hot spring "(~ * @ photography dog egg clap) for Chongqing, spa and Hot pot but home two treasure: Hot pot and diet, but the hot springs and daily life. The day before yesterday is winter, the cold season was suitable to eat hot springs, Hot pot! (Photography / left @Hello_scao right, @ setsurei Upasaka, eling (mountain) – Photography @ setsurei Upasaka) and Chongqing light rail and the like and Hot pot Wei Yi, born a pair of eyes: close at hand flowing river, lined with tall shadows on the head after two seat high over the bridge, on the bridge no, a large picture of the feeling that it is unique to the city’s temperament. ("a tourism website real-time screenshot) north of Guangzhou Shenzhen in November Hangzhou flights to Chongqing are not expensive, and probably in the 600-900 yuan, cheaper than high-speed rail. Go to the mountain in the off-season in November, not only many attractions tickets are off-season ticket, accommodation, and fewer people a lot cheaper price, can also use the hot Hot pot and bubble warm spring was washed cold and tired, let the boiling blood flow throughout the body, just don’t get too comfortable! I wear the floor of the Chongqing light rail only some of the unique urban Liziba rail wear floor, abstract graffiti martyrs, Ciqikou Yanzi culture, the intersection of the two memory of Chongqing, Xiaolongkan green forest, the time tunnel Niujiaotuo, PingAn Railway Station 90° corner, north of Chongqing city tourist map, Jiangbei Airport the blue and white porcelain, Guobo center dream "mushroom", the country’s deep red earth. Only the characteristics of Chongqing light rail culture, a train can bring you a taste of the most beautiful mountain city! || Liziba experience the magic light rail wear Pavilion – a burst of red network Liziba station / light rail line two station from a residential building of 6 floor and 7 floor between the walk through the lens (photo: map of insect net @ Railway Express X) metro line two passes plums dam every day on the light rail through the floor more air gully, flashed magic scene, a Hayao Miyazaki cartoon pen. In 2006, when the line was opened to traffic, we are wondering, first floor or the first light rail?" Some people even wonder "is how to solve the problem of the nail?" When it was learned that the construction and construction of light rail is the message, the story behind those expectations have fallen empty. The most beautiful || perspective through a time tunnel through 2, line 3 station (Niujiaotuo / @ setsurei Upasaka (Photography) – Photography: insect net without collar @ giraffe) the Jialing River built Linjiang night line 3 Niujiaotuo station, with a glass corridor strung along the same Lin Jiang built No. 2!相关的主题文章: