A listed company wants to sell a premium of 2 times the sale of real estate Changsha Renrenle jessica rabbit

A listed company wants to sell a premium of 2 times the sale of real estate Changsha Renrenle *ST music released in the evening announced that everybody intends to transfer its holdings of real estate, located in Yuelu District City, including the scope of the assessment Changsha azalea Road No. 99 Fu Di Tianjiao building garage, on the ground floor to four floor and room 201. According to the assessment, the real estate value added to the original book value of 292 million 490 thousand yuan, value-added rate of 203.7%, net book value was 213.09%. Notice that a wholly owned subsidiary of Changsha acument signed with Shenzhen music "real estate sales contracts", will be held Changsha Changsha Renrenle Fu Di Tianjiao property project sold to Shenzhen acument trading, the total price of 436 million yuan according to the qualification of the execution of the business of securities and futures in Beijing Kyoto new assets appraisal Co. in August 31, 2016 for evaluation the reference date, the underlying asset evaluation after the issuance of the "asset assessment report", the underlying asset book value of 145 million 389 thousand yuan, the net book value of 139 million 281 thousand and 300 yuan; the evaluation value of 436 million 79 thousand yuan, 436 million 79 thousand yuan net assessment. On the sale of real estate, the announcement said that in recent years macroeconomic downturn, the impact of the impact on the traditional electricity supplier retail, retail industry faces the challenges of the adverse situation, the company promptly adjust and implement prudent shop strategy, just slow down or give up in supermarkets and department stores. The store opening plan. According to the change of the District, in addition to favorable business community life supermarket, Changsha Tianjiao Fu Di property projects no longer have the basic conditions of planned management of department store. At the same time, due to the delay in the sale of the property side of the assets of the delayed delivery, affecting the effectiveness of the use of funds, to normal operating results caused some pressure. The subject property Changsha Renrenle project sold to Shenzhen Haoming, not only can make an inventory of existing assets, the efficiency of the use of funds, improve business performance, but also with the controlling shareholder after the transaction will consolidate the stability of both opening and operating lease, is conducive to the property supermarket, consistent with the company’s development strategy. The stock market investment figure post, forward-looking, limit prediction, as in the micro signal capture Niugu, [Phoenix] or [ifengstock] securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2相关的主题文章: