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Fashion-Style A Look At the UK Clothing Brand – Paul Smith The fashion brand Paul Smith, has become very famous in the UK and is well known for it’s striking and attention grabbing strips which has become a trademark for the designer. The Paul Smith brand offers collections for both men, women and some for kids and teens. However, it is the menswear market, where Paul Smith has managed to excel. They have even managed to take this one step further by developing a very popular mens fragrance range that carry’s the Paul Smith name. Sir Paul Smith is the creative talent behind his namesake clothing brand. As an English fashion designer, Mr. Smith has a top reputation to create and make the best in menswear. This creative talent and business acumen has made it possible for him to develop Paul Smith into a leading brand that now holds its own on the global fashion scene. What makes Paul Smith’s designs so popular and sought after is the exquisite and really feel-good design which help to give men a really good looking shape. As mention earlier, the Paul Smith label is best known for the signature multi-colored pinstripe motif that is always present on most of there shirts and if not on the label. This motif makes the brand really stand out and has been incorporated in the accessories range including wallets, aftershaves and cuff links. In the past 10 years or so Paul Smith has become known as brand and name that men can truly trust and has therefore developed a loyal fashion following. Paul Smith has made it easy for the average man to dress up if they want to, and if one the clothes can also take on a casual look if dressed the right way. Just for a little background information, Paul Smith opened its first retail store in 1970 in a small corner in Nottingham. Through the years, and because of the loyal patronage, Paul Smith was able to roll out its first ever fashion brand in Covent Garden (London) in 1979. If you want to get products of the brand of Paul Smith, .paulsmithonlinestore.. can give you a great help, you can visite and selecte any one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: