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A number of positive support prev quietly closed out the six yang original title: a number of positive support prev quietly closed out the six Yang reporter Chen Mei A shares Thursday placid, Shanghai refers to all day long around the front closing point within a narrow range, eventually closed up slightly to end the day trading day, the amplitude of only 0.4% K to achieve six yang. The disk, subject shares wheeled, PPP concept, swaps and other recent popular eye-catching performance, railway construction and other strong return, the market is no shortage of hot speculation, chase funds once again shows that the festival is gradually restored to do more enthusiasm. At the close, the Shanghai index at 3061.35 points, up 2.85 points; the gem index closed at 2208.57 points, down 1.12 points. In this regard, accept the "financial investment newspaper" reporter interviewed analysts said that during the holidays around the introduction of intensive real estate credit limit restriction policy can effectively to cool the property market, to a diversion effect on the property market funds. While the A shares to improve performance or performance of high uncertainty of the stock market will benefit from the liquidity redistribution, one of the reasons for the strong performance of the shares to support this festival is also part of the performance. At present, shares for upside after finishing the knuckles, the pre gap position become short-term pressure, but the recent turnover slightly to release, the outlook is expected to continue upward. Message level, regulators to regulate and control the real estate continue to overweight. 12 evening, the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau issued a document, the real estate will be illegal funds inventory. At the same time the central bank convened a meeting to require strict control of excessive growth of real estate credit. Following the State Council put forward the "opinions", to guide the pension funds, corporate pension and insurance funds into the market, promoting residents’ savings into equity investment, actively introducing foreign capital directly into the market and venture capital funds into three good, another source said yesterday, 100 billion of enterprise annuity in the market next year, 5 years scale up to 300 billion. But these are long-term positive for the stock market to stimulate the little, but played a role in blocking the decline in space. Financial investment newspaper reporter noted that the market outlook for the market, the agencies have published their views. Source of capital said, now the rally is not over, but prices will not happen overnight, the market in technical repair, is a very good opportunity to approach investors. Because even in the upward trend, will have a slight decline, the market trend is still good, after finishing after the tug of tamp upside is a high probability event. The operation of the proposed holding the main, but not blindly chasing the high. May be concerned about security, PPP and other related stocks opportunity. (source of financial investment newspaper) to enter the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: