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A shares in the upper and lower shocks in the attention of the three major investment stabilizer – China network analysts believe that the market shock box, the stock of the game is difficult to change the characteristics of the short term. In the structural market, subject shares or bears a greater chance – reporter Zhang Ying recently, A stock market showed a narrow range of shocks, on the dilemma situation. Last week, the market decline, shrinking turnover, especially on Thursday, the Shanghai index all day long volatility is only 0.42%, a record low of nearly 14 years. As of Friday, the Shanghai index closed at 3078.85 points, k-week edged up 0.37%, Shenzhen Component Index and gem refers to the cumulative increase last week were 1.15% and 1.48%. The industry generally believe that the market shock box, the characteristics of the inventory game is difficult to change in the short term. In the structural market, subject shares or contain a greater opportunity. The market shrinkage shock on the dilemma in the recent market line Jiugong, making the market bullish sentiment weakened. Continued shrinkage makes the index a variable node consensus also has not appeared. Especially on Wednesday, the Shanghai index is still a slight rise in volume, but the impact of 3100 failed, again showed near the line pressure, investor sentiment significantly increased. Analysts said that the recent round of frequent market hot spots, in fact, reflects the weak pattern of the market. The shock box means "on the top and bottom". From the historical experience, the market is shrinking concussion, and variable point in front of. As of May more than 15 trading days is a volume shrinkage correction broken in Changyang, in mid July, the stock index at 3100 points near integer, followed by a significant dip. Figure, from August 16th 3140 points, the Shanghai Composite Index has been adjusted for 19 trading days. The industry generally believe that the distance from the next disk time window is not far away. Up to 21 trading days, it will usher in change inventory. Because this week only three trading days, the latest Mid Autumn Festival, people will choose the direction of the market, the market is coming to an end mill. The policy we must strictly adhere to the comprehensive supervision on the policy, the Commission recently released "on the revision of the" management approach "major asset restructuring of listed companies", to cool the fried shell, promote rational repair market valuation system. September 10th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Seventh general meeting held in Shanghai. China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed the need to firmly grasp the "Five Principles", adhere to the important concept of law, strict and comprehensive supervision, hold the bottom line of systemic risk does not occur, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors in a prominent position, adhere to market-oriented reform, legalization and internationalization, efforts to enhance the international competitiveness of the capital market. The fundamental purpose to serve the real economy development. In addition, the National Bureau of statistics released data show that in August the national consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.1%, up by 1.3%. The industry believes that in August CPI year on year growth was mainly due to the sharp rise in pork prices last year led. Temperature in the price相关的主题文章: