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After dinner drink lactobacillus beverage, can Jianweixiaoshi? The four problem of lactic acid bacteria – Sohu health Q lactic acid bacteria beverage can replace yogurt? Compared with lactic acid drinks, yogurt nutritional advantages? Can not. Since it is known as lactic acid bacteria beverage, then the water is the main component, followed by sugar, milk is very small, and as a beverage, which will also add food additives. And only "active lactic acid bacteria beverage" contains live lactic acid bacteria, other types of lactic acid bacteria beverage does not. Yogurt is the main raw material milk (or milk powder), lactic acid bacteria fermentation agent, sugar, generally no water, food additives are also less. The content of protein is more than 2.5%, which is almost the same as that of pure milk, which is much higher than that of lactic acid bacteria by about 0.7%, which is about 2.8%. Yogurt also contains a large number of live lactic acid bacteria, long-term drinking is conducive to intestinal health, and lactic acid bacteria beverage only in low temperature preservation of lactic acid bacteria. In addition, calcium and vitamin content in yogurt is much higher than that of lactic acid bacteria beverage, even more than milk are high, and the lactic acid can effectively promote calcium absorption, is a good source of calcium. Therefore, yogurt is suitable for drinking every day, and lactic acid bacteria because of high energy and low nutrient density, not suitable for drinking every day. Q consumers in the purchase of yogurt, need to pay attention to what problems? 1, buy yogurt placed at low temperature. Yogurt needs to be stored at low temperature of 0-4 DEG C, and the longer the storage time, the higher the temperature, the lower the number of viable bacteria. Some supermarkets in order to save energy will be placed at room temperature yogurt is not appropriate. 2, pay attention to the shelf life. The longer the time of delivery of yogurt is not only the lower the number of viable bacteria, and yogurt over fermentation to make the taste worse, and even the growth of mixed bacteria. So the closer to the date of production, the better, do not covet too low price yogurt. In particular, do not buy Bags bulging bag. 3, frequently change the brand. This is also a manifestation of the diversification of food, it is best not to drink only the same kind of yogurt for a long time, the purchase of food recommended flower heart, so you can spread the risk of food safety. Q after meal drink lactobacillus drink, can play the role of stomachic? Little effect. Yogurt contains lactic acid can promote the secretion of gastric juice; probiotics and prebiotics and other beneficial intestinal containing bacteria, help digestion effect; in addition, lactase can produce lactic acid bacteria in yogurt help the body to digest lactose. Theory mountain. If you often drink yogurt, it is helpful to improve digestion. But if they drink, help digestion effect is not obvious. And yogurt itself is a feeling of fullness of the food, after dinner drink will feel more full, but also additional energy. You can drink beverage of Lactobacillus Q in pregnant women and children? Whether will cause adverse effects on health? For pregnant women and young children, the demand for nutrients is greater than the demand for energy. Lactic acid bacteria drinks contain high sugar content, while the protein, vitamins, minerals are low, nutrient density is not high. Pregnant women, young children occasionally drink problem is not big, but if often相关的主题文章: