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Jay Chou later signed Kun Ling, can help attract more 90? – Sohu science and technology this article from curiosity daily, more good articles in the major application store search curiosity daily". Following the March this year, Jay Chou became’s chief surprise Officer (CJO), after his wife became a spokesperson. After marrying and becoming a new mother, she became the darling of the business. She spoke of Paul Frank, Taiwan medical beauty brand Dr Wu and Nestle Wyeth milk powder, etc.. In addition to women’s clothing, may also see the Kun Ling in the young mother’s appeal". After the signing of Jay Chou followed by Kun Ling, may be in attracting young people on this point tasted the sweetness. Feng Jialu, vice president of, said Mr. Jay Chou did attract a lot of young consumers. According to’s latest second quarter earnings, total revenue of $13 billion 440 million, an increase of 49%. Net profit of 67 million 750 thousand yuan, an increase of 30.9%, revenue growth comes from the increase in orders and active users. Over the same period last year, added 8 million 200 thousand customers, of which more than 45% of the 90 – Jay Chou may play a role more or less. At first glance, the results of the second quarter of this year, pulled into the new young people seem to be good. However, there are some potential problems: analyst meeting, CEO Shen admitted after 90 new customer customer price is relatively low, the purchase frequency and retention rate is not comparable to 70, 80 customers. In short, 90 consumers on’s stickiness is not high. Jay Chou fans after 85 and the first generation of the first generation of 90. As these people’s purchasing power gradually increased, they naturally became a want to win customers. With Jay Chou as daddy, and in the variety show "The Voice of China" in the performance of Jay Chou in the young people the image of temperament by "cool" to "adorable". In fact, it has been a shortcut to find the brand development, but the spokesman can solve the problem is very limited. Increasing the proportion of new models may also be another way for them to attract young people – is working hard to promote their new autumn activities. After becoming a spokesman for Kun Ling, immediately appeared in the autumn on the new page. Shanghai subway also appeared in a lot of autumn new advertising. is not fashionable enough for discerning young people who can afford to buy new models at full price. Because of its "clear inventory label" too strong, so many brands do not want to put too many new models on the above sales. It’s hard to think of a new However,’s ambition is not just to sell new so simple, it has to do a lot of live. Kun became a spokesperson for the conference with a 360 degree live, it is said that without any wearable device can adjust the angle of view. In June 16th it made a "Red Net Broadcast twelve hours #.相关的主题文章: