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Software Most of the business are on-line and we all need the on line support for customer solution.For this the help desk software plays an important role.The same support system has now available with AJ Helpdesk SAAS – web based helpdesk software. What is AJ Helpdesk SAAS ? AJ HelpDesk is a web-based helpdesk software with robust Ticket Support. It provides an opportunity for experiencing the effective Live Chat services Support.It covers customer support, ticket system and online help depends on your business needs. AJ Helpdesk SAAS is an economic, easy to use and useful tool for the growth of all type of business. Why to choose AJ helpdesk SAAS web based solutions for your helpdesk support With AJ Helpdesk you can set up your helpdesk system very easily.Just log onto your system from anywhere with a connection to the internet.ie all you need with the based solutions is the web browser that connects the internet.Problems inherent to web hosting is no more going to bother you.AJ helpdesk SAAS service .es to your rescue. It is enough to remit the payments through monthly rentals. Simply, Sign Up for the AJ Helpdesk SAAS Free Trail – Lifetime Free Plan. And you can choose your plans depends on your requirements. Top Reasons To Choose AJ Helpdesk – SAAS web based Customer Support System * The service of AJ Help Desk is implemented as SAAS, which takes away all the .plexities linked to configuration and maintenance overheads. * Shed all your worries about anything technical. We shall take care of all security, uptime, backup issues and upgrades, so that your staff can have access to your real time data at anytime. You stay focussed on what you are good at. * Just pay affordable monthly tariffs. There are no long term contracts. No need to install any special software at your workstation. * Live customer support services is a distinguishing aspect, as we have provided provision for multi-user chat, thereby greatly bringing down the wait time for your customers. * A series of remainder mails could be sent to staff at regular intervals, as per admin settings, in case the ticket gets reposted due to non resolution. * Rollback facility is available, by default for articles. Therefore, if any important details were accidentally deleted, the staff may switch over to the previous version. * We have integrated the Google Analytics API code in the coding so that the admin can have a clear idea on the browsing pattern of the site. * Whenever you search for something,the search must be narrowed down as much as possible, for the search operation to be effective. So you can search for phrases in individual sections of the site. * The view of postings in the forum by general public, registered users(customers) can be regulated by three different permissions for view. Restricted section can be used for internal .munication between admin and staff, which user could * Autosave option is provided for article .position, which .es handy in times of UPS failure, operating system crashes etc. The time interval for automatically saving the article could be set by administrator. Hope with the above highlights of AJ Helpdesk if anybody wants to set up the helpdesk system, you may prefer for the AJ Helpdesk SAAS for many reasons. And Another important highlight is that AJ Helpdesk SAAS is offering the Lifetime Free Plan.So, simply sign up for the AJ helpdesk SAAS Free Trail – Lifetime Free Plan and set up your helpdesk system according to your .anization needs. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: