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.puters-and-Technology Magic Jack is a device that allows a user to make phone calls to any phone in the US or Canada by paying a very nominal service charge. This USB based device connects a phone to the .puter and allows you to make calls. It is an internet based telephone service (VoIP). This Magic Jack review will give you a short account on the details of the product, its positive aspects as well as its negative aspects. At the time when the device came out, it was .patible only to windows based .puters. After the success of the product, the developers have expanded its .patibility and it now works in other operating systems too. To operate this device, you must make sure that your internet connection is working. An advantage of Magic Jack is that it can be used in several .puters. If you find it difficult to use it in one .puter, you can troubleshoot the device easily using another .puter. I would also like to add in this Magic Jack review that unlike Skype and other internet based telephone services, to make calls in this device, you need not use a headphone. The services which this system provides include call waiting, emergency, 911 services, voice mails and conference calling options. Another special feature is that if you are offline and still do not want to lose your calls, you can make use of the FollowMe feature which forwards your calls to another phone number. The subscription fee of this device is very cheap .pared to the normal phone call rates. Now in this Magic Jack review, I will show you the criticisms against this device. To make it short and precise, this service cannot be included in the category of a ‘reliable service provider.’ The main .plaints of the users are bad connection quality, poor reception etc. There have been instances where the device has failed .pletely. The .pany does not have a good customer service desk or helpline. There is only a very slow-response chat room which helps the customers. This facility cannot be accessed due to high traffic. If you want to cut short your phone call bills, the device is ideal for you but keep in mind the negative points of it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: