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Blogging-Rss To Blog or Not to Blog? It seems as everyone these days has a Blog. So the question is, should you start your own? Should you bother reading others? And the answer to both of those is YES! See, there are so many ideas, thoughts and opinions of others, that we should be taking in as much information as we can as well as getting out as much information as we can. There is definitely a platform for this, created by David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network Here is the thing that we need to take into consideration – millions of people are already on the internet and millions more will continue to join online, all of them looking for information and content. Can we deny this fact, no! When you got online today, what was the reason? Looking for a recipe, looking for shopping deals, looking to make money? Whatever the reason, we are all on here for information or some sort. Why not get your ideas and information out to the world to review? Blogging is slowing getting to the point where more and more people are quickly turning Blogs more than websites. We want information and we want it now – online marketer So you may be asking yourself – "What kind of blog would I create, what would I talk about?" And the answer to that question is really anything that you’d like to talk about! If you have an interest in sports, talk about sports. If you have an interest in business, talk about business. If you have an interest in kids, talk about your kids. There really is nothing that people are NOT interested in. As a matter of fact, if you want to be .pletely random and talk about different things every day, do it. If you want to focus on specific topic based on the day of the week, do it (eg. Monday is the day I discuss what happened in the world of sports over the weekend). Just make sure that what you are telling people is interesting. Remember, there is a lot out there, but if you make it .pelling, people will want to read it. With that being said, isn’t it time you created your own blog? I have my own, you’re reading it right now. Join me and the millions of others and see how you can share a piece of the pie and make money by Blogging in your spare time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: