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At the new H6 sports version of this listing   appearance — Hainan channel — recently, there is news that the new label Harvard H6 sport version will be officially listed in the new car today, the biggest change is the appearance of the interior and power change, little change. From the declaration of view, the new label H6 sport using the latest family front design, hexagonal grille highlights the new sense of movement. In addition, the car has also improved the details of wheel rim, tail guard plate and so on. Power, the new label H6 sports version of the 1.5T gasoline engine and 2.0T diesel engine, which 1.5T engine maximum power of 150Ps, peak torque of 210Nm, transmission part matching the 6 speed automatic gearbox; 2.0T diesel engine maximum power 163Ps. In addition, the new car will also provide four-wheel drive system selection. (spy photograph autohome) comment: as small change models, although the new car is in the front and the appearance of the details made changes, but this change is to seize the popular elements, believe that the new listing will further enhance the Harvard H6 series of sales.   哈弗新款H6运动版今上市 外观变了–人民网海南频道–人民网     近日,有消息称哈弗新款蓝标H6运动版将在今日正式上市,新车最大的变化在于外观方面的改变,内饰和动力变化不大。 从申报图来看,新款蓝标H6运动版采用了最新家族式前脸设计,六边形进气格栅凸显出了新车的运动感。此外,该车还在轮圈、尾部护板等细节进行了运动化改进。 动力方面,新款蓝标H6运动版采用1.5T汽油发动机或2.0T柴油发动机,其中,1.5T汽油发动机最大功率为150Ps,峰值扭矩为210Nm,传动部分匹配6速自动变速箱;2.0T柴油发动机最大功率为163Ps。此外,新车还将提供搭载四驱系统的车型选择。(谍照图片来源汽车之家) 点评:作为小改款车型,虽然新车只是在前脸和外观细节上做出了改动,但这样的改变却是紧抓当下流行元素,相信新车上市后会进一步提升哈弗H6系列的销量。 相关的主题文章: