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Football Atlanta was never new to professional hockey. One of three extension franchises was awarded to Atlanta by National Hockey League in 1997. The name Thrashers was a derivative of the Brown Thrasher i.e. Gorgias state bird. Logo was intended to place a sensation of speed. Don Waddel was signed as their first general manager in 1998. Previous Orlando Solar Bears coach Curt Fraser was declared as Thrashers captain in 1999 summer. Thrashers lost their first game against New Jersey Devils by 4-1 on October 2, 1999. They leveled a game against Buffalo Sabres 5-5 later that week and scored their first NHL regular season point. After a week they made their first victory when Damian Rhodes didnt allow the New York Islanders to get in by 2-0 in Long Island. Atlanta Thrashers played that first year like an ordinary team. They won only few battles and Andrew Brunette earned the team 50 ordinary points. Thrashers were at the last position with 39 points in the Southeast Division. They missed the .petition and concentrated on the next season. Thrashers continued their struggle to win games but it was never so easy. They hardly managed to avoid being at the last position with a depressing 23-45-12-2 record. Two good players Dany Heatley and IIya Kovalchuk were signed by Atlanta in 2001-02. When Thrashers were at the bottom in the league with 19-54-11 record, Heatley and Kovalchuk were struggling for the Calender trophy as NHLs top scorer. Heatley ended up with 26 goals and 41 assists for 67 points. Kovalchuk also had remarkable first year as he managed to score 29 goals and 22 assists for 51 points even when he missed some time because of injuries. These two players were looking at a dazzling future in Atlanta together. GM Don Waddel made many changes to be active as 2002-03 season was a sluggish start. Thrashers hired Byron Dafoe who was a free agent goaltender to bring some experienced leadership in net because team lost its firs ten games. Coach Curt Fraser left the team later that year as team remained at the last position. Last Avalances chief Bob Hartley was hired as a coach in early 2003. During Hartleys time period team played more than 500 and earned a third position in the division with a 31-39-7-5 record. They did miss some .petitions again but Dany Heatley was a prospective superstar as MVP honors in All-Start game was won and earned 41 goals and 48 assists for a team with 89 points. Heatley and Kovalchuks pair made a strong aggressive .bination. Thrashers were looking at their dazzling future when Dan Heatley and Dan Snyder met a serious car accident in 2003-04 pre-season. Heatley injured his knee and shoulder badly when his Ferrari gone down at high speed. Dan Snyder suffered from enormous head trauma. Synder remained in unconsciousness for seven days and died. Heatley suffered physical injuries, emotional constraints and a series of legal blames from the accident. For more information you can visit: Atlanta Thrashers Tickets 相关的主题文章: