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Atv/orv Safety Guidelines – Canada Posted By: Marsh’s Private Client Services Along with the ever-increasing popularity of ATV/ORV use also comes an increase in ATV/ORV-related injuries, primarily caused by excessive speed, inexperience with the vehicle or terrain, improper apparel including not wearing helmets, and alcohol use. Individuals who are operating ATVs/ORVs are also unlikely to have received any formal training on the operation of the vehicle before setting out. To increase your safety while operating an ATV/ORV, follow this list of safety guidelines: Riders should be matched to the type and size of vehicle appropriate to them. Particularly with children, those under the age of 16 should not operate vehicles over 90cc. Driver (and any passenger) wear a DOT-compliant helmet at all times during operation, as well as eye protection (shatter resistant goggles or face shield), mitts or gloves, and proper over-the-ankle footwear. As with motorcycles, the risk of serious injury to ATV riders is much higher than car travel. Dress appropriately to minimize possible injury in case of an accident, including long sleeves and long pants.

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atv parts How To Avoid Deaths And Injuries When Riding Atvs Posted By: John Myre Hank knew better. But his little grandson, Steven, was so persuasive, and even though he was only eight years old, he was darned good at driving an ATV. What harm could there be in letting the little rascal drive himself and his sister two miles back to the barn while Hank followed in the pickup? It was a remote road, and Steven promised to drive slowly. It all would have worked out perfectly, except that Steven was too small to see over the rise as he approached the intersection. He never saw the car that struck the ATV, sending him and his sister to the hospital. No one died in that collision, but Hank "died a thousand deaths" as he watched it happen. Today, over ten million people ride ATVs for work and pleasure in the U.S. Each year, about 130,000 injuries requiring emergency room treatment happen to people riding ATVs. In recent years, ATV-related deaths exceeded 800 annually. Over 15 percent of the deaths occur to children under age 16. The American Association of Pediatrics suggests that no children under 16 ride ATVs.

outdoor safety How To Be Safe On An Atv Posted By: Art Gib Are you looking to buy a Polaris RZR 4×4 or another type of all-terrain vehicle? Before you go out and buy an ATV, make sure that you are willing to abide by a few safety rules with your fun new ATV. ATV’s are a lot of fun, whether you are using them simply for fun, for hunting, or just to get around your land. However, they can also be very dangerous and life-threatening. It is very important to make sure you are abiding by the safety rules for your all-terrain vehicle and that you are being smart when you operate it. The first smart thing you can do once you buy your ATV is to read the instructions manual. Make sure you know how to properly use your vehicle before you go out for a ride. Learn about the parts and get a general idea of how the vehicle functions so that if a problem arises while you are away from home, you may have an idea of how to fix it. Follow any recommendations or rules that are stated in the manual, as these rules were generated by the manufacturer for the specific product that you have purchased.
Polaris RZR 4×4 Atv Safety For Kids – How Young Is Too Young To Ride A 4 Wheeler Posted By: Tyronne Jacques How young is too you to operate an All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)? This same question is before us again as the injury reports from this summer are still being tallied. Many families enjoy ATV’s including my own but even I cringe when I see kids as young as 7 years old on 4 Wheelers. And yes, the kids typically are equipped with the proper safety gear but impact injuries are still reported daily all across the country. Due to the increase in injuries involving minors under the age of 10 and ATV’s the medical community as well as Law Makers are now considering raising the legal operating age to 16. Some would argue that the dangers of All Terrain Vehicles are the exact equivalent to cyclers in populated cities. Derek Castleberry says "Regardless of what side of the argument you’re on the reality is this, even ATV’s that are design for kids under 12 years old can still reach speed in excess of 20 miles an hour, far faster than a bicycle.

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yamaha raptor 250r Yamaha Atv Safety Begins With You And Your Atv Posted By: Ted Cantu All terrain vehicles are exactly what they are. They are for all seasons. People run these all throughout the year in Michigan and that is somewhat normal. I am especially seriously concerned with how some of these vehicles are used. The town I live in likes to flirt with danger. We have one lake in the middle of town that is the hub of all activity. In the summer time you will be hard pressed to find any cops on the street. Most of them are patrolling this little lake. Seriously, most of the cities crimes are performed in and around it. In the winter time the fun begins. People drive their big Yamaha Atv’s right on the lake. Others bring their big Ford pick up trucks on the ice and attempt to drive across the entire lake. Meanwhile, you have snowmobiles all over the place almost colliding. To make things even more dangerous you have good ol boys cooking up big raging bonfires on the frozen lake doing a little ice fishing. Is it any wonder that people sometimes don’t make it home? These are people dying to have a good time – literally.

yamaha atv parts Atv And Utv Accidents Continue To Cause Litigation Over Injury And Death Posted By: James Ballidis With the first successful personal injury litigation case against Yamaha and Rhino UTV completed, this verdict will have broad implications on the hundreds of other pending lawsuits, including several in Orange County, California. The accident associated with this litigation occurred when the UTV Mr. Roger Mc Taggart was driving rolled over at low speeds and then trapping his legs under the vehicle. He sustained serious and permanent injuries. This verdict awarded Roger and Glenda Mc Taggart (both plaintiffs) $317,000 for both current and future medical expenses. In addition to the medical expenses, the jury found that the company was negligent and Yamaha’s Rhino design was defective and that the vehicle had safety problems. Currently there are hundreds of pending lawsuits against Yamaha at this time. Over sixteen million Americans now ride all-terrain vehicles and their popularity is at an all-time high. However as with all sports that grows quickly, accident can happen and manufacturers can rush product to the consumers without testing them thoroughly.

California injury lawyer Atv Safety Tips Posted By: Art Gib If you want to spend some time outdoors in Phoenix, ATV rentals are the way to go. There’s nothing quite like roaring down a dusty trail and feeling the power of the machine rumble beneath you. There are also plenty of Phoenix motorcycle repair and outfitting shops, if you would rather bike. And no matter your choice of wheels, there are endless trails to explore. However, riding can be a dangerous sport. It’s important to have and use the right training, equipment, and attitude when you get on an ATV. Before you get even touch an ATV, make sure you’ve received the proper training. If you’re renting an ATV or going with a tour service, chances are they can provide instruction. Otherwise, there are a variety of training centers and courses available–in person, online, via DVD, etc. It is extremely important that you not only know how to operate the vehicle but that you also know how to drive it safely. Once you have your ATV and are ready to hit the trail, you’ll need to wear some safety gear. Hands down, the most important thing is to always wear a helmet that provides full face coverage.
Phoenix atv rentals Atv Riding And Environment Posted By: Jim Buchanan ATV Riding and the Environment As you know, riding an ATV is fun, no wait, it’s a lot of fun. Of course you know that safety is one of the biggest concerns for ATV riders, but another concern that we should never forget about is the potential dangerous effects that riding can have on the environment. It’s important to be respectful at all times while riding’respect the potential dangers of the ride, respect other riders, and respect the lands and trails on which you ride. It’s important to stay on marked trails, and resist the urge to pioneer a new trail. Many ATV trails are strategically well maintained’only allowing riders on one area of a trail, and occasionally closing the trail, and opening a new area. This trail rotation is done to allow the land/trail to heal itself naturally, and provide good trails on a long term basis. You must learn proper ATV handling techniques to handle some of the terrain you will see. Many riders that don’t have a lot of experience can tear up the land when trying to navigate hills, or crossing streams and creeks. Often these inappropriate techniques are also safety hazards.

atv Atv Safety For Beginners Posted By: Jim Buchanan ATV Safety for Beginners As with operating any type of machinery or vehicle’safety should always come first. Of course that includes riding your 4-wheeler. Getting out on the trails and experiencing the freedom and rush of riding is such a cool feeling, that once you get a taste of it, it’s hard to not develop a passion for riding. But before we get to that point’always remember to be safe and ride resonsibly. Most injuries and accidents occur when people become reckless, or don’t respect the power of their vehicle. Most of the things we’ll cover are very basic, and stem from common sense, but they are also things that you can never hear enough. Make sure you are properly attired, both for the ride, and the weather. Be responsible. I know when you get around friends, and are having a good time, sometimes our judgement slips a bit. Don’t show off, don’t do tricks, it’s an accident or a tragedy waiting to happen. I had a friend that was somewhat experience on his ATV, but was hanging around with a bunch of friends, and decided to try some crazy trick.

atv Atv Safety For Youths Posted By: suegold ATV’s were developed for use in agriculture, for hauling equipment and traveling around farm property. They have since evolved into a hobby for many people and are now even used for racing. People love the excitement that ATV’s provide and the vast array of terrain that ATV’s open up for exploring. ATV’s can provide a lot of enjoyment for riders and be a worthwhile activity. ATV’s can also be dangerous, especially for children. Adults are often injured when they loose control of an AT and children have even less skill and experience than adults. This is not to say that children should not be allowed to ride an ATV, but they must follow strict safety rules in order to avoid injury. Children should be taught that an ATV is not a toy and should be operated with care and with safety in mind. They should be made aware of all the safety rules and never allowed to ride without supervision. If children realize how dangerous ATV’s can be and what they must do to stay safe, they will be at a much lower risk of injury.

atv parts yamaha atv atv accessories honda atv parts atv All About Atvs – All Terrain Vehicles And Off-road Accessories Posted By: kensium solutions ATVs AND nbsp; or All-Terrain Vehicles AND nbsp; are the favorites of any outdoor sportsmen . ATV owners are individuals with the ability to face whatever life throws at them with style and a zest for life. There is an endless variety of ATV accessories like clothing, bags, and storage boxes, aftermarket pipes, fuel storage device , ATV Wheels, high compression pistons, coolers ,air filters, bottle holders, fender bags, camouflage clothes, helmet, etc AND hellip; to make your ride more comfortable and convenient. Tips to increase ATV performance Using performance piping will give a 10 to 25 percent increase to your ATV AND rsquo;s performance four stroke engine is a high-performance cam and a high compression piston. Switching from a foam filter to a gauze filter can also give a better flow rate. ATVs are divided into 2 Types: Utility ATV :: The utility ATVs are used mainly for farming and construction. Sports ATV :: The sports ATVs are used for their ability of going over all most all types of terrain except water. When it comes to buying ATV, there AND rsquo;s nothing more important than knowing that the machine is not only nice on the eyes, but it AND rsquo;s also professionally designed and is absolutely safe!

atv accessories Off Road Accessories bikes motorsports Motorcycle Parts Atv Safety Tips Posted By: blimpbot 1. Before You Squeeze The Throttle * Choose the Right Vehicle – Adult model ATVs are for riders age 16 and older only. Younger riders should never ride an adult-sized vehicle until they are at least age 16. This is especially important, since younger children are usually injured on ATVs due to their size or inexperience with operating vehicles. * Complete a Safety Course – First-time riders should always take an ATV safety course before heading out on the trails. Safety courses educate riders of the correct way to operate and ride an ATV to ensure he or she knows how to handle the vehicle. Also, safety courses will teach riders of all ages the appropriate behavior when riding an ATV, making it critical for teens and adults to attend. * Gear Up – Riders should always wear an ATV helmet and other protective gear, including gloves, long pants, footwear that covers the ankles, a long-sleeve shirt or jacket and eye protection. * Respect Vehicle Capacity Guidelines – Riders should never carry a passenger on an ATV unless the ATV has been specifically designed to carry an operator and a passenger.

atv Safety First When It Comes To Kids Atvs Posted By: Samantha Kay There are a few things that are just given when you are talking about safety and kids ATVs. First, they should never ride adult size ATVs ever! Second, they should always, always wear a child’s helmet. If these two conditions are not met, you are flirting with disaster. You won’t let your child ride your adult size ATV, so they are driving you crazy to the get them one of their own. But where do you start when you are looking for a safe kids ATV? Look for the built-in safety features. Children do not have the strength or reflexes that adults have. They need additional safety features to help keep them safe. Make sure you purchase an ATV that has an engine small enough for pint-size riders. Knowing the reputation of the manufacturer or dealer is also very important. You want to purchase a kids ATV from someone that you can trust to be upfront and honest with you. Ask around if you are not sure where to look. Look at several different dealers if necessary. Trust your gut! If you are not comfortable purchasing from the person you have been talking to don’t!

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