Australia will use China’s product quality traceability system to promote more products into China tianbi

Australia will use the quality traceability system China goods more products into China original title: Australia will use quality traceability system China commodity Xinhua Canberra October 26th news (reporter Xu Haijing) Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of agriculture Barnaby · Joyce 26 held in the Australian National Farmers Association Congress said that Australia is willing to actively used by China development a set of global commodity quality traceability system. Australian agricultural products will be the first pilot to join this system, I hope this system will help further deepen economic cooperation between the two countries to help more Australian quality agricultural products into the Chinese market. In January 1st this year, under the support of relevant departments of the Chinese government, relying on information technology and large data set up a global quality traceability system formally launched version 2, and in the Guangdong free trade zone Nansha pilot area. In the technology of independent intellectual property rights under the support of each system by adding goods will be given a special two-dimensional code "similar ID knowledge", and repeatedly write data. As long as consumers scan code through mobile phone application, you can understand the commodity "come from, where to go, enterprises can accurately grasp the goods, thus forming a covering production, logistics, warehousing, consumption of all aspects of the whole chain of supervision system. Just go to the Guangdong free trade zone Nansha area to visit Australia National Farmers Association chairman Brent Finlay said, · product quality traceability system China global information technology, big data as a means to solve international trade in quality control, consumer protection and other problems. Joyce said that China’s development of this product quality traceability system fit the theme of the current National Congress of the Australian farmers association, that is, Australian farmers embrace digital innovation". He also urged Australian agricultural practitioners to seize the opportunity to enter the Chinese market. Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued to the global market 24 to build a global quality traceability system initiative, has been a number of countries to respond positively. On behalf of China first industry council chairman Tang Guolin in 26 to the Australian National Farmers Association Congress introduced the relevant circumstances. He pointed out that China is in line with international standards, China’s inspection and quarantine practice is also being transformed into international standards and international standards of quality supervision". Tang Guolin said that the product quality traceability system China developed using advanced supervision idea, to provide more reasonable import and export pass inspection procedures for international trade, reduce the burden on enterprises, bring new opportunities for the development of international trade enterprises. Joyce said the Australian government would like to see and to Chinese government on international trade, including Chinese products import standards, supervision mechanism, to conduct a comprehensive discussion more pragmatic, recognition and response related Chinese build quality traceability system initiative. The hope of a new quality management system can promote the bilateral deep cooperation in the economic field. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: