Autumn and winter fashion tips, wear the flash leather, do the crowd the coolest Star ~ (video)

Autumn and winter fashion tips, wear the flash leather, the star to do crowd the cool winter and everything but when it comes to a single product, Yu Bo wrote that cool girl’s name first leather. This guy is still very popular this year, but with a new look, become more and more arrogant, it is so that you can shine at the end of the shiny leather! Yu Bo first take you around a circle show, see shiny leather, just look at what styles are popular, and teach you how to let it shine in life. T Taiwan Taiwan on the popular T how to wear this autumn and winter on the popular mainly as shiny paint brush like wiping the leather, such as Acne Studios this powerful death your fur coat, looks for latex texture. Acne Studios Fall 2016Proenza Schouler the black tight coat, like being soaked in asphalt. Proenza Schouler Fall 2016 and the Courrè ges; shiny leather skirt, want to live, the body must flash green. Courrè ges Fall 2016 brothers and sisters have similar effects. Left: Burberry Fall 2016: Lanvin Fall 2016 right: Tommy Hilfiger Fall itself texture advanced, plus a little cold but very obvious temperament of the blue, the money has been written in the body of the. Cé line Fall 2016 a little enthusiasm can also choose red, anyway, there is also a female boss momentum. Calvin Klein Fall 2016 life how to wear through T platform, how to implement the life is a serious matter, shiny leather style, Yu Bo will pick 3 of the most common, the most widely used to teach good collocation ~ shiny leather long coat Alexa Chung (Alexa · this is called the body clock) shining long leather coat, may be too black enough flash, also very chic with a bright yellow fur collar. For one thing itself is very eye-catching shiny leather and long coat, is the most safe to do subtraction, the effect is immediate, such as his leg wear high-heeled shoes is very neat. A little longer, with the whole body color rendering to serve it, trousers and skirts are acceptable, color jump can be used to match the black, black, silver and so on can be shiny leather coat, as a character handsome warm small assistant, wear in more casual pants shape. Shiny leather half skirt shiny leather half skirt is a good ride of a species. Like Olivia Palermo (Olivia · Palermo) this overknee blue shiny leather skirt, let the grey tone calm a lot of life originally. Want a little more playful, choose Shiny Leather Mini Skirt, skirt above the knee, straight and short, like the 1970s futuristic space girls as fashionable. A ride based inside the shirt, wearing a coat, simple and agile. The winter of this year is the fire Hoodie.相关的主题文章: